One of the local newscasts tonight featured a bizarre device that allegedly prevents falls. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. I had the impression it was created as a joke, as it certainly couldn't be used.

It's a flexible device consisting of what look like metal boxes, connected to create a sort of moveable, chained support. Think of the Chinese dragon created to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The movable parts resemble this bizarre device I saw tonight.

Apparently the support (I'll call it the tail), attaches somehow around the waist, is located in the back, and is flexible enough that the different boxes move as a person walks, or begins to fall, when the balance sensors (?) automatically move the tail to act like a big leg with a foot to stop a fall.

Seriously, this was on tv this evening. The newscasters were laughing, as was I. But I also thought that even though it was allegedly designed to help seniors or those with balance problems, it would probably take an hour to get the thing on, it would add so much weight it would probably actually cause someone to fall. And taking the thing off, say for hygienic needs, would require a companion.

I still think this has got to be a prank. But it did provide some light entertainment.

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The whole concept is interesting.

My Mom was a faller.

Night after night I would stare at the ceiling trying to engineer something in my mind to keep her off the floor.

Mom almost always fell backwards.

Whoever the inventors are may be on to something with the tail idea.

Lets hope the prototype can be refined.

My imagination is running wild. I am seeing what you described as a Godzilla suit. Too Funny!

Lizzy, it was funny, almost comical.   But apparently it was real.

Sue, it appeared to be extremely cumbersome.   I could never have managed it.

I wish I could find more information on it, but thus far I've not been successful.

I couldn't help wondering if it was designed by someone with good intentions, but someone totally engrossed in design elements as opposed to usable elements....someone who might be skilled in engineering, but absolutely and totally w/o experience in caretaking, and having no practical knowledge at all.   

There used to be periodic questions posted from students on various aspects of caregiving; it was clear they had no experience in it and had no idea that their questions and possible solutions were totally unrealistic.  

Thanks for your comments!

Maybe a prototype of something better to come?
Sounds comical and cumbersome.


That sounds interesting...and funny.

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