These are two interesting news articles on ALZ. They’re repeats of USA stories, but you might have missed them.

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Somehow I've missed this thread.  I've noted it now and will be doing more research.  

Thanks to each of you for sharing this information.

I found this article very interesting

Dementia prevention, intervention, and care -

Amongst other things they identify a number of potentially modifiable risk factors for dementia. I am signed up for Lancet but don't know if anyone who isn't can get into this article so I am listing the factors below as they do under "Increased Brain Cognitive Reserve:

preserved hearing
cognitive training
rich social network
reduced depression
reduced obesity
stop smoking
reduced brain damage (vascular, neurotoxic or oxidative stress)
treatment of diabetes, hypertension (high BP) and high serum cholesterol
adherence to Mediterranean diet
reduced brain inflammation,

Not sure about the role of NSAiDS as the evidence is studies I have read seems to be somewhat contradictory.

I've seen the other stuff before but the info about declining rates of dementia is new to me, I'll have to do some research into that.

Here’s another one about Covid, which is even pleasant to read! It must be good news week, and what a lovely change.

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