I've been away for quite a while now. To bring you up to speed, my wife is a 67 yrs. and suffering from aphasia. I don't want to make the this too long. My trip to save her was an odyssey. I was quite near a mental break down. Too lawyers stole $11,000 from me. I f my brain was working at 50% capacity I would be exaggerating.. Must cut this short due the twists and turns.
My wife was in 3 Hospitals and a rehab for drug for a week This should not have happened - my fault. Every Doctor and social worker said, She must into
a Nursing Home. Every person wearing a white with a Genius Button pinned to it At the end I wanted to take her home and every one to a person said, "SHE
Will BE BACK" well to cut this short Iwoke up that morning with a clear head. The social worker was to put her in one of two nursing homes ,
I it was a done deal All they needed was a medicaid nurse to give her O.K. and my wife would be in one -done deal. I beat the nurse by 10 minutes. The nurse called me to ask if this is wanted
and I said ,"YES" Imagine ten minutes to change the course of two peoples .lives. Never give up, Never if you believe in yourself. She is home with fantastic
Care-Givers. Ofcourse that is not the end of the story because I'm soooo tired.
Didn't even proof read this, so forgive me for mistakes.

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Good to hear from you Ritchie. Hope things work out.

RichieZak, welcome back and for the update on what is happening with your wife as its been quite a journey for you. If I read your note correctly, your wife is back home with you and you have caregivers helping her out. Hope this is a win-win situation for the both of you.

Hey Richie, I was wondering how things were going with you. I hope this works out for you both. Take care of yourself!

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