I am beat. My mother is 88 and now lives alone since my father is now in long term residence. Mom believes he is coming home, but OMG it was so much stress. My mother is very difficult (I am learning more about (partial narcissism) I had always thought my mother had an undiagnosed mental disorder but could not put my finger on it.

She had a flood and is has been in a hotel for 4 weeks ( 3 of them with me !!!) I have gotten to my saturated point.

So my mom with somekind of mental disorder has dementia AHHHHH and she is driving me nuts. I have been patient but my patience is now up.

I dropped her at my dads residence last night then when she got back I went to see a friend. I am working from the hotel today and I feel off. I am not able to concentrate, I feel angry and frustrated. I did get out at noon for a Yoga class and going for a massage this evening.

I have decided to spend the week end at home with my husband to see how she does. As I am writing this the thought just came, I can hire someone from Home care to stay with her.

Some of my anger is from the past, she was always difficult. When my father was home the caregiver company could no longer find a worker who was willing to work with my mom.

She needs help, she thinks she does not. I feel kinda like I ‘should’ take care of her and I was fine for 2.5 weeks now I have had it.

I feel I need a support group or go back to therapy after spending this time too close to her.

Thanks for letting me vent, I think I have my answer.


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It’s hard to care for others period. Even if their personality is good it’s still hard. When their personality is difficult it is all the more challenging.

Dealing with a flood is stressful too.

Take a break as you say. Enjoy your massage and recharge. Vent anytime. Take care.

It's interesting how writing something for someone else to read lets us see the situation clearer.

Hope you do have your answer. Come back whenever you need to.

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