My dad is becoming a danger on the road and I don't know where to begin. We live in Connecticut and I found an article regarding getting a person re-tested. My father could never know I was the one who initiated this. My mother will no longer ride in the car with him because she is so scared....if anyone can give me some advise, I would appreciate it. I know I have to come to grips with what is happening and not feel guilty. I wold feel more guilty if he kills someone and I could have prevented it.

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My father is 97 and still driving. Not as much. He always said he would know when he shouldn't drive any longer. It will be very difficult for him since he has two classic cars and lives to go to the car shows. He has a mechanic/friend who is in his 50's. I've noticed lately he does the driving when they go to the shows. Hopefully my father will stand by his statement of knowing when he shouldn't drive. I do believe it should be mandatory, for all seniors after a certain age, to be tested with an eye exam and driving road test.

Sweetheart, he could kill someone or himself. I just sold my dad's car out from under him at age 84 and that was that! Do not wait any longer than it takes to drop that car off at a dealer and leave it there until it is sold! My dad got over it as fast as when I gave him scenarios of accidents.


I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty taking away the car keys from you dad. Unfortunately you are not alone. This is a common issue with many loved ones that caregivers care for.

My 90-year-old grandfather just bought are car, and he should not be driving. After a few days he decided he didn't like the car and tried to return it. Let's just say he won't be driving much anymore since he doesn't like his new car.

Anyway that's my story. Our experts here at wrote some articles on this topic to help caregivers like you.

I hope these help.

Is It Time to Take Away The Car Keys?


Taking the Keys: What To Do If Mom or Dad Won't Give Them Up

Best of Luck :)
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