I need to remodel our house for my elder mother.


My mom's situation is progressively getting worse and it is going to be a year since we have been on a waiting list for assistance for a roll in shower help. Every place i i called either does not have funding which I find hard to belive, or doesn't help in this area, or has some other excuse. I am at my wits end. I have made it know to my church and I am capable of helping. we don't have and can't get funding and all we need is help we will do what ever we can. we can't get any financing but are will to pay a few dollars a monthe are willing to give a few hours of our time if we could just get help to get this project done. mom can no longer get in shower/tub so it is sponge baths until summer and warmer wheather where my brother fixed an out side shower for her.
anyone with any ideas would be great.
thanks and merry christmas

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great ideas keep them coming can use all i can get
i will check with fire dept
we liv in the country and it take rescue 30 min to get to us on 3 diff ocasions the first was when my husband died and then twice was when mom fell with open fractures
lots of fun
we now have volunteer right across the hwy i will go ask it can hurt
they know the name anyway all this happened this year
at the current time i have tub no shower so ramp wont work thanks for ramp idea
okay here goes on what i have done the bathe room was to small to start
i added a wall in another room so that i could take out a wall that i know is not a supporting wall
but it has electrical wires for two outlets and two light switiches and i am scared to mess with them so i have not demo that wall yet
i took out the door to the bathroom itself and the doorframe to give us a wider opening for the wheelchair but it could be wider and it is part of that wall and a smaller wall that needs to come down and has a light switch in it also
once i get those two walls down then i can move to the major major demo
the electrical stuff just scares me so that even if i turn all off when i get finished when i turn everthing back on i will be all shoke up

Rereading my post. The ramp is to get her chair up to the new floor level- about 5 inches higher than before. Also this cost about $50. I was thinking of moving a door, putting in a ceramic tile shower with no rim - all would cost several thousand.

We had a similar problem and my husband raised the floor of her bathroom to the level of her shower (used plywood - not pretty but it worked.) We use a removable ramp to push her shower chair ( $188 on internet) up to showere and she rolls right into the shower. He used treated wood for the floor of the shower ( spaced between so water flows through).

Truecolors, love those church males--all talk and no action. everyone--please don't ream me for that comment, OK? Now I'm thinking: Firemen. Don't know where you live--if rural or city, but those guys are great and benevolent, and you could bake them cookies or pies or whatever to compensate them. They usually have the time--especially in "This economy"-- and the "good will" should be reported to the newspaper or local TV station--know what I mean? Am I idealistic, or what?
If the demo is done, drain needs to be centered, slope floor to drain, tiles, etc. If you tell me exactly what's been done, I'll run it by hubby and try to get estimate, unless you know that already. Have you approached a larger contractor about doing the job with the "advertising" in mind? What ever happened to people in community who helped each other out just for the sake of doing a good deed? Did they leave the planet with "Little House on the Prairie"? Praying anyway, and visualizing for you. Hugs.

thank guys christina 28 i have done just what you suggested becuse i know it is not a lot of work and i my self hve don some of the de construction i told the guys at church exactly what i need help with the electrical and the cement under the tub and some of the plumbing and NO ONE has come forth
i sent a lengthy letter to habitat for humanity hoping for a reply and greatly to my surprise got on back right away the ceo of sorts him self wrote me and told me that it was sweat equity work
i said ok
he said they could not hep me the project wasnt large enough and to contact the usda and places like that to get funding and we did and because our house is not worth because of where we live mor than 80000 dollars NOONE will help us
i have sent in a appication to hgtv for us and some time from what i can tell when somone does it for you you get better response but any way i hav gotten no response
i havent given up
if i have to doit my self it will get done eventually i am just getting tired myself and i have a very bad back i have osteo like a 80 yr old and my mom doesnt walk so i have to be careful not to break but it doesnt stop me i already have done some things
i have the wall put up to extend the bathroom and the doorframes removed and a hanicapped tolit installed by the time we get warm weather i will probly have some tile on one wall but i am not sur i should
any way i am open for information

Try your local habitat for humanity - sometimes they have an elder assistance program to do repairs and the like.. best of luck!

This is not a major construction job--more demo than reconstruction. I am a designer, my husband is a contractor, but we're in CA. I think you could get some guys from the church, or those advertising in Pennysaver. I would call the best design school in your area and ask to speak with instructor for Building Codes. Tell them your situation and see if he/she can recommend design students to take it on as a for credit project. Also--and don't laugh--you could contact HGTV, or Nate who has his own show now. Got started on Oprah. Seriously, this could be a fantastic non-profit project for some contractor looking for write-offs, or an opportunity to do some good. If you need/want more specific ideas, please let me know. Waiting a year for something like a roll in shower is too much. Talk to lots of people, senior managers, etc. Good luck:)))christina

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