My grandmother is 89 with alzh.,and currently lives alone, I am able to check on her daily but am unable to stay 24hrs a day, we have one car and a four yr old.and are expecting our 2nd, I was working a 3rd shift job but had to quit due to complications with my pregnancy,I don't have any family members that are willing or able to help me with her, My husband and i are looking for a larger home to move her in with us but we really are not financially able to now. we were told that we could have an in home care agncy. come in but i would have to put a lean on her home or private pay which is very expensive or she would have to go to a nursing home to receive daily care.she doesn't have any other medical problems so medicare won't cover the costs. Iv'e talked to a couple of social workers looking for help but no luck and no answers.Are there any agency's that will provide daily care for my grandmother under medicare w/o her having a medical need other than Alzheimer's. I feel all alone in this and i'm doing my very best with what i have and my circumstances but it just doesn't seem to be enough.

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