Need all your kind words...


Come on here to vent frustration. My Father age 92 in care facility. He is trying everything to get out. I have power of attorney and responsible for decisions regards care. He is displaying bad behavior. Masturbating. Can't believe it. Doctor came in and he could answer all questions re date, where he is, etc. He looked at her chest the whole time. He turned when asked if he liked where he is. Said he's being held against will and getting out. She thinks something is wrong but referred to mental health services. He is very confused at times and tells lies a lot. I went in to visit yesterday. He asked if I was there to take him home. Said no this is your home. He then said he was being put out. Not true. Wonder if he thinks he will be put out due to masturbation. Should I tell him I know about it and all behaviour making it very clear he's in the right place.



He has ALZ/Dementia. The part of the brain that causes inhibitions is probably compromised now. Everything you have said goes along with ALZ/Dementia. He isn't really lying. He has no idea with what is going on. He now has his own reality. He is like a child. As someone on the forum always says...his brain is broke. Just go along with what he says. When he asks to go home, just keep saying this is your home. With my Mom she just rambled. It got hard to answer her because she was onto something else. So it was just, ok, oh yeh, etc. Ask the doctor if there is a med for his problem.

Yes made mistake when typing.

Hi Patience...first hang in there. What is going on? Are you ok?