Today I gave my mom a bath, fixed her hair, dressed her, and she decides she has to go to the bathroom after shes completely clothes back off, another bath... new set of clothes so now I have got her in the car......she says why didn't you give me any lotion..? Not thank you..but where's my lotion....and when. It was time forme to sshower and all that good stuff I was rushed through it , literally cars honking for me kind of rushed not to mention I'm on my cycle.. so Uggh I was just so peeved by the whole day so yeah back to it, while we were out I got to go absolutely nowhere that I wanted to go...uugggh just wanted to tell someone how crappy my day was...what happened to you guys today....caregivers have it the worst sometimes not my worst day but I'm just aggravated today...

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Jeanne, I got married in a hotel lobby in South Dakota. We must be some high class 'chicks'.

My dear dad had a saying, "All days are good. Some are better than others." It's not always easy looking for the small things to be thankful for, but they are there if we look hard enough.

I'm visiting my mom at her AL with my 16 year old son tomorrow so it will be easy to bring our little dog along with us. He, (the son, not the dog) just got his first car last weekend. It's a 17 year old Mustang convertible. Might just have to put the top down if it hits 50 degrees like we're promised. That will be a good tomorrow!

Glad to hear you'll be getting your husband's SS. Hope you and your mom have some quality time together.

Yeah, some days are like that!

Good to hear from you, Sarah. When are you moving out? Other than a bad day, are things going better for you now?

GeraldL, and least you have broken the code. Good thing = Mother's, Bad thing = Gerald's. That should simplify life.

Capn, pull the curtain. You only need one source for shitty looks per day!

I had a pretty good day myself. The highlight was getting a certified marriage certificate from South Dakota (we got married in a gas station in Sisseton -- you expect more from standard) so I can now apply for my husband's social security benefit. The low point was hearing from my sister that there has been a death in her husband's family and she needs me to take our mother for two days. (I enjoy having my mother, but the SS is only going to cover my mortgage. Somehow I have to work to cover my groceries!)

I think that all of us who survive caregiving with our sanity more or less intact have certainly learned to take the bad days with the less bad days.

Here's to a good tomorrow!

my cycle is sitting outside the front window giving me shitty glances . i cant expect a machine to understand caregiver obligations. ike the trike has been spoiled rotten since 1985. work with me here ike, our day will resume eventually..

I feel the same way today Sarahalana. My mom and I went to store on Tuesday and she saw canned Hearts Of Palm. We bought because she wanted to try. On Tuesday she said, "Let's not eat the Hearts Of Palm" because I don't think it go good with it. I told her, I don't never tried, so it might. She said, let's just have the canned green beans. Today in the morning. Let's eat the Hearts Of Palm. Just now, she asked, what vegetable are we for dinner? I answered, you said you wanted the Hearts Of Palm. She said, I never said that and on Tuesday you said, it's not going to go with what we were having that and we're having the leftovers from that day. I told her that she said that and now she's mad at me. Uggh Why is it when something good happens it's all about her like when I won $300 from a lotto ticket she told everyone that she won the lotto. And when something bad happens it's all my fault.

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