My 83 yr old uncle has formed a clot in the lumbar region of his spine rendering partial paralysis—but improving [vascular regeneration]. He is currently @ Denton Regional Medical Center [Tx] and Select [rehab] is dragging their feet re: TRANSFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hospital IS OVERMEDICATING HIM [we are a 'medical' family/MD's, RN's, medical communications, etc…] just to begin with. Today he had [ANOTHER] unsavory reaction to 'anxiety' medicine—this AFTER he had yet ANOTHER bad reaction to pain meds. Today, he [now] proclaims he doesn't care if he dies—he wants to! This a result of the adverse reaction thereof.
We need a QUALITY center NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014].

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You need to calm down. You then call the Chief Operating Officer of the facility at 8 am. You will get his secretary and you relay your concerns. If you don't get a call back by 1 pm you go to, fill out the complaint including the details of your call and the fact that nobody called back. By the following morning the patient's room will be all elbows and axxholes with orders coming from the top. Guaranteed. Been there. Done that. Works every time.

Geeeeeeeeez 'whoever you might be…', are you on staff there? I am in a tremendously emotional state and USUALLY receive tremendously supportive feedback here. I am ATTEMPTING to guide 2 x 80 year old sisters in terms of what they might be able to do in Denton @ 9 pm Dallas time. I also am attempting to guide them from Dallas while I am wrestling w/ prepping for 12 special needs/Autistic children [3 of which are violent, MUCH larger than me & should have been placed in 'behavior units'] and MY support is NOT DOING THEIR JOB. I am ALSO looking for a new job between seeking answers for the above & dealing w/your idiocy. And, did I mention, I am the ONLY family member within 300 mile available to do ANYTHING for the 'elders' in Denton.
Re: Joint Commission & time frame…
It is evident you do not understand the question SO DO NOT BOTHER w/responding w/any more of your dribble & insults. In fact, just shut up!

As a medical family, you know enough to go up the chain of command all the way to the Joint Commission if that is what you need.
You also know that you have to work with his insurance company, not all facilities are within their network.
You also know enough that posting defamation on social media will get you serious professional repercussions.
What was the question again?

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