I took my mum abroad 5 times after dad died. I did everything for her. I took my mum out shopping and every Saturday night for years took her to bingo. K am the eldest of 6 children . Then two years ago I get breast cancer. Mum rings me up shouting at me calling me distant and uncaring and telling me how my sisters been wonderfull to her the past year ect. J say to mum I've been ill mum and you know at the moment I am having 20 days of radiotherapy. We all promised to keep a eye on my aunt with severe learning difficulties when dad was dying. After hd died m put her in a home and no one visited her. I did. I took her out.she died in February I did her funeral again mum phoned saying she's next of kin when she's not mh other aunt in Australia is. I'm 57 yrs old and I have had to distance myself now for my sanity . Mh childhood was terrible. Fights with blood everywhere and they were drunk most of the time. Enough is enough. My brother and sister see her most days. I was executor to her will with my brother. She's took my name off as executor and put my sisters on. Nasty. This all started because I got breast cancer. Nasty. It's split our family up. Dad would of been so upset.

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Hello. It was the fact everyone knew mum had changed her mind about executor except me. One of my brothers had thd decency to tell me. It was a family secret and jmm told my brothers and sisters not to tell me. Also years ago when I was 12 yrs old my mum told md a secret and told me not to tell dad or he would be heartbroken. What she did is unrepeatable on here , but to give you a clue she did it twice and my nan did it to her to help her out. She expected me to keep that from dad. And I did. But felt I was deceiving him untill he died. No young girl should have that image in her head . It has always been about mums feelings.

Oh, my Mother was similar. My sister that lived near was completely disabled with RA and then, broke her shoulder. The oldest sister came to take care of the middle sister. Mother would call and say "What are you girls doing?" Really? By the way, they were 68 and 72 YO. LOL

My middle sister died suddenly on her 70th birthday. Mother did not even attempt to go to the funeral home. Her adult grandsons offered to practically carry her there. We did not ask her to go to the funeral, just go pay her respects. Nothing doing.

Mother is 95 and quite healthy at the nursing home. So, I understand how you are being treated. Build boundaries. Also, not to be morbid, but make certain that your own will is iron glad and how you want it. It sounds like your family could cause trouble.

Nasty is an understatement.

I understand why you need to distance yourself from this toxic situation. It Is Not Your Fault.

Take care of you, including staying out of drama and stress your mentally ill mom causes.

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