My 91 year old husband is in a nursing home. I was a CNA for years but now I am looking for in-between snacks to help him not lose any more weight, he has a sweet tooth but he needs nourishment also. ideas.

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My dad loved ice cream. I would buy the cones, sandwiches, ice cream bars, and little ice cream servings. Ice cream was always available. He didn't have to ask us to get it for him. He just went to the freezer and chose what he wanted.

He also liked the little cake snacks that came in boxes. He liked things like the pecan spinwheels and peanut butter wafers. And he loved having his own pack of cookies next to his chair. These snacks aren't nutritious, but they gave him some calories to work with.

Hi 12345An, I like TerriM's suggestions just be sure to watch how much cheese and apple sauce as the are both binding agent and can cause constipation. Can he eat trail mix? Or is that too crunchy? There are some great snack bars available on the market. We give our daughter the Atkins snack bar in her lunch as it is sweet but has a low sugar count. And good protein. We also like to give her yogurt covered raisans. Greek yogurt is all the rage now of days and I love it - very creamy. You could try that if he is tolerant to dairy. The honey one is sweet and yummy. As is the pineapple one. My Mom drinks ensure every morning as she needs to gain weight. But she diesn't really like it. She never was one for thick drinks though. We also give our daughter sliced apples with honey and cinnamon for a treat but it is kinda messy. We try and stay away from processed sugar so we use a lot of honey. Good anti oxidants too, I think. Be sure it is pasterized. Most are. We add raw almonds to the apples and cinnamon and it makes a nice combo but be careful of nuts if there is any diverticulitis or chewing and swallowing issues. Good luck!

Since he loves fruit, you can take things like flavored applesauce and those cute little fruit cups. The diced pears and the apple crumble ones are delicious. Flavored crackers and sliced cheese is also good. You can make puddings too that have fruit in them.

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