My "whine moment today". What's yours?

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Since we have been living together for 70 years his phoning me is not a problem. LOL If so, your solution would work fine. He usually begins by scrutinizing my list of callers for 'his wife's' phone number so she can come to get him. Since that did not work, he still puts on his glasses and approaches me with his new worry. I check the clock - 3:00 - and think, "Oh, oh, what will it be this time?" I wish it would seem funny as it did the first time or two, but, golly, it is nerve wracking and usually ends with both of us angry and having a bad night..
Lois that's 3 o'clock bewitching time. Medically speaking it's Sundowner's. There is medication for it or research it and find holistic approaches...
Can I have another whine? It's late spring and warm outside. Stop turning on the heater, Mom.
Amazing how most are going through the exact same things dealing with their dementia loved one. Just when you feel all alone and no one would ever believe what you're going through, BAM - You read these posts and it's like, ditto...ditto ditto, yup yup that's my mom... uh huh, she's always cold, yup I get yelled at when she feels I demeaned her ... nodding my head, uh huh, it's all about her and everyone else is going to be fine so she dismisses others food food... worse than a picky child.

I suppose things in life could be worse - but knowing she's my mother, all the fond memories - and her not knowing any of those or that I'm her daughter - well, the ache it leaves inside cannot be expressed in words. Just the whining of what it all entails can :)... there just can't be a quota on whining while dealing with this.

Happy Sunday!

I hope this doesn't sound selfish of me but reading all of your "whines" made me feel better. I gave up whining to my friends and family since they just don't get it.

Gonna be in the 80's next week. Guess I need to invest in my own personal portable a/c unit or a kiddie pool from wal-mart!
Assandache, you are right - there is a lot of Sundowners info out there - and I have not really pushed for any anti depressants as yet. The one that has always worked has been raised in price - $400 for 60 pills which is only two months. Insurance pays all but $95, but it used to be around $20. Almost every Rx/drug causes diarrhea for him - just looking at him cross-eyed would probably cause that, so we have to be cautious with drugs. I do have him on one herbal that works a bit - I even take it, but not sure if doubling it would do much more for him..

I found ten strategies listed on line that sound doable, so I have copied them and will review daily for advice for my actions, etc. You guys are sooo helpful..Thanks much! And thanks, Jeanette for posing the question.. Hugs to you and everyone else. I feel love for you all. Blessings, L
Thank you LoisCorrine.... whining does have it's strong points.

No whining for me today....I decided to take Sunday's off and catch up on my shows. Mom used to hate watching any of the Houswives Show on Bravo,,,,I keep telling her it's just mindless worked and now she laughs' at the ridiculousness of the show!! YAY one small step for mankind :)

PB n J all the way today...followed with awesome green smoothies. ( yes, she hated them) but when I mentioned how much fibre and nutrients they had.....sluuuurrrpppp hehe...
After I read about the storms in the mid west, now I'm like "what are you complaining about, they have it much worse"!
Aargh!! We're watching about the storm on the news and Mom says "I know how they feel because I lived near Boston harbor and we had a lot of Nor'easters and the wind was really bad"! Oh I know I need to keep my mouth shut but WHAT? Ya Mom this tornado destroyed homes and killed people and you know what that's like!!! NOT..

She always has to " one up everyone"..
in indiana tornadoes are an important part of our economy . they force procrastinators to do the remodeling that their homes so desperately need .
im pi**ed, we were promised thunderstorms and theres no thunder.
I can definitely get on board with whining time. Between my mom staying with me since March, and Dad hospitalized since February 21st... I feel like all I do is try to keep everyone around me happy. Mom does nothing but sit and eat , while Dad has constant demands... need Diet Coke, Not the really big cans, or the small cans... they have to be the 12 oz cans. and oh yeah , don't forget to pick up barbecue ribs and beans on your way to the hospital from work.... My chest is so tight, breathing is such a challenge anymore. I was told by my pastor this week that I am being too 'self focused" other people live like this and I am just being selfish. No, what i am is exhausted. my apologies for the whine....

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