My "Whew' Moment.


Since we have a "Whine" topic, perhaps we should have a "Whew" or "Whoa" one :)

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I have you tell you, I was going to suggest the online food shopping in one of the forums. I, too, did that while in MA. We don't have it in FL. I loved it. It was worth every single penny, if not for the convenience of not having to go to the store, but the convenience of having someone bring the bags into the kitchen!

Oh, and the mail! I forgot about the mail!!!!!! See, we've had a lot of whew moments when we've finally taken charge! :)

Ah yes, the whew moment. Mine came when I was finally able to say *no* to running most of the errands my parents wanted me to spend time doing. Yes, I still get their groceries but now it is through an on-line service with curb pickup at the store... no spending vast amount of time trying to pick out the right size red potatoes, or trying to stand up while getting a large can of fruit cocktail from the bottom shelf without falling on my rear end :P I get my own groceries on-line, too.

No more running to Staples because Dad's printer ran out of ink. Now I order it on-line and have it sent to his house. Let UPS or the Post Office deliver it, not me.

Now I wish a drone would pick up my parents' mail at the post office... there is no need for that post office box... Dad walks down to the mail box in front of their house almost daily then complains there's no mail in the box.... DUH.... it's gathering dust at the post office as I only go there once a week, if that. If it snows, forgetaboutit. There is a whew moment when I finally convinced my parents to have their meds delivered to the home address instead of the PO Box, they use to have me running there twice a day if a med delivery was coming. Had to put a stop to that !! Mom didn't want the mailman to know she was getting medicine. Who does she think delivers the mail to their post office box ???

That should read "I AM her daughter" Not I have her daughter"

And I wanted to add it's even hard to visit her with all the activities available. And activities are also available in what is today called skilled nursing facilities (old days, just plain nursing homes).

And yes, Medicaid does 'take' her money, but it's her money. I'm just happy I was able to spend much of it giving her a new couch she so badly needed three years ago along with a kitchen table (hers was a wobbly mess) along with a new bed (hers was forty years old, you don't want to even know). Those from that era (she was born in the early 1920's) tended to keep what they had and do without. Well, she did.

My attitude is we're all going to get there at some point. Why not live our lives and not worry about everything that comes up that is so minor it will make no difference fifty years from now. Any elderly person will tell you that everything they ever worried about was fruitless and a waste of time.

Plus when our elders cared for their elders, their elders didn't have the 'benefit' of everything that is keeping their bodies alive while their minds are deteriorating. Their elders died the natural deaths that our elders aren't allowed unless they agree to it. And most of our dementia/Alzheimer's afflicted elders don't understand the artificiality of medications that keep the body going but affect the mind.

I do not mean to offend anyone. But this is the right choice for me. And Whew!

I've tried long enough. I've made my decision. And "Whew" do I feel better.

After my mother's fall seven? weeks ago she was placed in rehab, which in part is skilled nursing care but with the PT/CT components. I cannot speak enough about this facility. She has always insisted she would rather die on the couch in her house than go to a 'nursing home'.

Yesterday, I received the call that Medicare will not pay past tomorrow. I've seen how people treat the residents in this facility. I've seen the social activities involved. I've seen the food (it's great, better than anything she gets here). She dines with a 'friend); She plays Bingo, which she loves. Elvis comes in every so often and shakes up the house) along with good old Bing and Frank) Christmas trees were everywhere this year. Way better than I could have done. And the option of family coming in and dining anytime during the year is huge).

I will be meeting with a Medicaid facilitator (can't do this myself, she knows the ropes) that was recommended by the facility. She will be staying another 60 days (as a Medicaid pending) and I will go home knowing my mother is SAFE. The CNA's are excellent and take the nonsense the residents hand out with a smile on their face but with the skill they have in just listening and taking everything with a grain of salt.

I'm sorry, but I am not my mother's caregiver, I have her daughter. I'd rather visit her in her new home rather than have to keep arguing about the stuff we argued about, the tissues, the tv, the bathroom, the TOILET PAPER!!!!!!.

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