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Agree this should have been part of shared assets. Whose name is on the CD. This will depend on whose it is.

I would guess it would be split down the middle and as CM said all their assets should have been divided as part of the divorce.
As long as Dad is not applying for medicaid there should be no problem.
Using Dad's money for his care should be fine as long as yu have the proper authority and keep meticulous records and save all receipts so if Medicaid comes into the picture down the road you can prove where the money went.

This should really have been sorted out as part of the divorce agreement - do you know how it got overlooked?

What financial arrangement did they come to? Because, rather than just a question of whose name is on the account, what matters is whose money is in there.

But in any case it's going to be complicated by the divorce anyway. You'd better get professional advice. Or, rather, your mother had better get independent professional advice.

Oh gosh and crumbs! I'm sorry you're having to mop up for them.

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