I have been asked to assist in a "team" effort for a couple that are in their early 80's. They are both incontinent, they are not immobile, and have walkers and wheelchairs.
I talked with the daughter over FaceTime, as she lives out of state, and she said she would have the woman whom has cared for them call me.
She did, and it was a very odd first conversation. First off I am only doing this for three days, and this woman went on and on, about the camera's in the house, and that the daughter will call her up and tell her "why didn't you do it this way".
I was very surprised that someone that just met me would be this way.
The other thing is this. Caregiving in a team environment has to be the "right" team. I have obviously done this before and will happily do it again, however this woman is almost 20 years older than I and I am 55.

I could sense right away the territorial "I have been here for 4 years, and I will have you do it this way"?

What was even more odd, was the women to hire me has not even offered me the job.

The caregiver called and said "welcome", "I think we will have you start on xyz date" I said, well, first I would like to spend some time with you and with the couple.

The daughter called one of my references, and she is a person that is just very in tune, and she contacted me, and she said that it was a very odd reference call, because this woman went on and on about how wealthy her parents were and she could pay anything for the right person. The wage I gave her she would not accept and lowered it $13.00 per hour. I said no right away, and she raised it back minus $2.00 per hour. What is that about.

But mainly, what are all of your gut feel opinions based on what I said.

Mine is questionable, because the other thing she said is the two of them are very very difficult to have only one caregiver there. Alzhiemer's and Dementia.

(I would be doing the night shift), but I am told that is when they are the most active).


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I had a husband/wife assignment once. I was only going over there for assessments but the two of them drove me crazy and drove eachother crazy. I would never do another couple at the same time again and you would have to be there for a full shift.

But if it's only 3 days and the price is right, why not? But the price would have to be right to jump in the middle of what I suspect is a big mess.

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