I've beenn thru so many ups and downs with my nana that everytime they said she's declining, I dont let myself believe it, but it is happening now...the hospice nurse said her best estimate is 12-24 hrs, but she could hold for a day or two more....I cant wrap my mind around the reality of what is really going on....i made all the calls i had to make, put the phone to her ear so those out of state could say bye, and now i'm just awful it is to wait for somone you love so much to leave us...god is answering my prayers by not making her suffer anymore, but my heart still aches so very much....

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I was in denial when jeff was sick also,up to last minutes,I prayed for a miracle;everything went surreal.No one knows whats it like until they go through it.I was a caregiver for 10 years with few breaks,but I wouldn't change a thing. Its hard raising young children,running a business and caregiving at the same time. For Jeff, I played his favorite music to relax him,talked about good times,kissed him alot,etc.He was in his 40's.My dad who was older,I sang,talked about the BIBLE, my daughter whom he loved more than life itself,told him he was the greatest dad reassured him we would be o.k. We were always his first priority.My mom whom my daughter is named after died of cancer,when Jeff got cancer that only increased our bond as a family.I hope you are not alone and I'm sure you will do your grandma proud.Just be the person she raised you to be and you will be o.k.

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