My mothers declining health is making my life seem worthless...

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Riverdale - I am so sorry that you are going through this with such a lack of support. I'm in that camp a lot of the time, and I know how isolating / overwhelming it can be. Last year, I helped my grandma through hospice while caring for my dad. I know there are lots of comments about self-care here, and yes that is so damned important. But it's just as important to find your worth again. To remember that your charge's health is not the only thing that makes you valuable. I ended up volunteering - first I wrote letters and then I found the energy to make phone calls and then I even managed to get out of the house a few times. It helped me remember that there is a world outside of my charge's and their pain - and it helped me remember that even if I couldn't make a difference in their health, I could still make a difference in the world. Even if it was a small one.

Thank you for your responses. Since i first found this site just recently i have come back and visited it. I was having a bad day and i appreciate the responses i received so i wanted to say thank you.

Riverdale, you sound very exhausted and also that you've been in survival mode
for a very very long time. Life looks bleak indeed from that vantage point.

As an only child, it makes thing tougher for you. Consider finding online or phone
support groups. Phone support groups are nice, as you can hear other's voices.
In person support groups are even better. Gyms, churches, meet ups, clubs, volunteer
groups can help too.

When in survival mode it's very easy to neglect your health, for "just one more day".
It's vital that you don't. In fact, I'm realizing that excellent self care and social support
are essential when engaged in long term care giving. No one can anticipate how much
time and energy can be taken by care giving.

Please start taking care of yourself, find support, eat super healthy, drink lots of water,
exercise, sleep, meditate. We've all heard this before, but it really is life or death.
Or should I say life or just existing in an exhausted depressed state. I can't tell you how
many years I've lost in this exact state, somehow thinking the demands would lift
long enough to catch a break. Yeah well, nope. You have to make it a daily thing, You
might need several hours a day to make a dent. And it has to be a priority. (Yes, I'm
saying this to myself as much as to you!)

Best of luck ((((hugs)))))

Riverdale...first hang in there. It is so hard, I know. I was a caregiver to my Dad (strokes) and my Mom (amputee from arterial sclerosis, plus addicted to RX's which we did not know at the time). Anyway I took care of them for 5 years. When I lost both my parents, though I knew it was inevitable, it was devastating to me. I have been caregiver to my honey, since 3 years after we got together, first after his numerous surgeries and then full time caregiver for 13 years after his strokes and severe heart issues.

It sounds as if you have been a caregiver to your mother for many years. It is hard and especially if there is no one to talk to, rant to when things get so frustrating, or a shoulder there to cry on when your heart is breaking. You are going in the right direction with medication and coming here. Counseling, and /or possibly a support group, with the medication and this forum to meet people and get things out in the open is a great thing to do. There are a lot of wonderful people here. When I first came to this forum I was ready to run down the street screaming I was so frustrated, scared, confused, and burnt out. Now I feel that my life is back in my control though I am caregiver to my honey of 30 years who I love very much. But I still am an avid reader of our forum and do throw my "two cents" in on a regular basis. It is good to know that you are not alone in this.

I hope this all makes sense. Don't give up and please keep us posted on how you are doing and what is going on.

The is not a medication for depression that is related to control issues. That is situational depression which can be helped by a therapist. You are right that you can't control your mom's declining health and that one day she will die. No one can keep a parent from dying. The only person one can really control is oneself and that can be challenging at times. I wish you the best and hope you will see a therapist.

Riverdale, you sound pretty desperate; is it time to get someone else to take on your mom's problems? My mom is on a program of some sort - maybe PACE? She has a social worker, Dr., weekly RN, housekeeper and laundry person who also runs errands, and she pays small sums to some of the people in her building who do things for her, plus me. Her social worker does her paperwork, and the program she's on pays for some of these people. We couldn't do it, and I can't possibly keep up with her needs; heck, with all the help we can hardly do it... Anyway, you could call social services, department of aging (or whatever it's called where you are), and see what's available. I didn't even get this help for her (a "God thing", for sure!), but she has it, and it keeps ME sane.

I am an only child.

I have been on medication for years. Many different ones. I am burned out and i know i will feel bad in the future but i guess its the sense of no control over a situation.

Depression medicine takes about 2 weeks before it starts working. If it has been more than 2 weeks, then see your doctor about this. Also, medicine plus therapy is the best way to treat depression. You also sound burned out. Life is worth living although it will be different after your mother has died. It will still be worth living then also.

I am on medication for depression. I can do things but very lately its hard to get out of bed.