I have a question, what do you do if you are trying your best to locate someone who does not Want to be found. My mom passed away, there is no estate, and I am the only one listed on the will with the request that my brother get $500.00 only if he says or tries anything he gets NOTHING. No one can find him not the lawyer/police/ the Governer of Florid's office. I posted mom's death in the church papers. he has 10 children, from different women. I do not have money to search. Now I even am getting fraud on moms social security from credit cards and also companies. This only happen after her death. It has all been reported. Mom is at peace but I am not. patrica61

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You should immediately notify social security, according to the rules on the website. You will find alot of direction on that site and if you need to call the 800 number for help

1. cancel all her cards and close her bank account - take the death certificate & will to the bank manager and ask them to guide you in setting up a new limited account to pay the final expenses if there is fraud. Do what the will directed as far as paying her final expenses.
2. post a notice in a local newspaper - not church newspaper, and make certain that you keep copies of the actual paper noticies and proof of payment to the newspaper. Most of them charge a modest fee for legal notices - the publisher can tell you what is normal on legal noticing.
3.if you want to be safe & do the right thing put the $500.00 in a savings account FBO your brother for the legal period. Your church should be able to direct you to a free/low cost legal clinic that has staff working pro bono.

Good luck

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