My mother is taking care of my father who is bedridden from a stroke. She can't afford to pay for help to come to the house. Are there any


programs out there to help them? They live in MD. Also I want someone else to care for him because I know she is mentally abusive to him and has even hit him. I need help but everywhere I turn they want money that I DO NOT have. What can I do?

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check to see if there is a local Area Agency on Aging. there are programs that can help. sounds like he needs to be removed from the situation and cared for elsewhere... take care, J

I'm writing There should be a county Area Agency on Aging office in your county or region of MD, contact them. They can help you understand what's possible. Some states provide in-home assistance using each state has different criteria that elders must meet to qualify. Your mother might also be suffering from stress and stress-related illness herself. It might be wise to take her to a physician for a physical to gauge her ability to continue to care for your dad at home.
This is a tough situation for everyone involved. Good luck.

Please go to your MD state Web site and look under aging services. They will have a Family Caregiver Support Program (it may have a slightly different name.) That should be a good source for you. Also, you should find state contact information on the aging services site. Most available help is handled on a local level so this gets you to the right people.
Good luck,