My mother has dementia and is refusing food now. Everyday I visit and sit watching her decline more and more.


Yesterday she could barely stand while being held on to by the aid. When they laid my mother down in bed she was so weak she had to be positioned by the aid. It's so hard watching my mother decline day by day. She does not know me or talk. Family is not around past criticism and so I feel so alone praying for my mothers pain to end. I ask God everyday why does she has to suffer, my mother was a great giving person and she was my best friend my rock and I am so sad that her life is what it is now. Its like a slow death. Her Birthday is Thursday, she will be 91. A long life but I struggle watching as her body is so thin and fragile. I guess My plate is too full.

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Soulful girl,
I'm RIGHT where you are and I feel your pain. My mom turned 95 on Jan. 20th and is going into stage 7 Alzheimer's. She, too, is not eating, is loosing weight and constantly states, "I just want to die." She can barely walk with an aide and a walker. She doesn't know me either and seems to not care about anything. I can tell she's given up. She is forced to stay alive because her heart doesn't know to stop.

A picture of her 94th birthday came up on my husband's phone on her 95th birthday. (It sends pictures of a year ago to the day.) She's gone so far downhill. I started crying when I saw it. She now looks withered, tired, lifeless but still alive. We were never best friends but I hate to see how horrible her life is.

I feel as though I'm waiting for the bomb to drop. It's a constant anxiety and I wish I could DO something to help her. I pray for an end to her suffering also. Yes, it is a slow drawn out death. I've never questioned God but I'm hoping to find out when I get to Heaven about WHY this had to happen, a disease that strips every single bit of dignity, pride, honor, self reliance from the sufferer. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS? I feel so bad for her.

Please know that I'm sharing your hurt and I'll include you and your mom in my prayers when I pray for my mom. Please accept big hugs (((((soulfulgirl)))))

This is heartbreaking. Your mother may not know you, but I suspect that on some level she knows that a kind, loving soul is visiting her. Hugs to you.

This is so hard. Is your mom on Hospice?

Just hugs. Come back and talk to us whenever it might help. Wishing you and your mother comfort.

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