My mother had a stroke on August 10 and has had constipation issues every month since then. We have taken her to Emergency 4 times since August. She has lived in an A.L. with a geriatic doctor. We know the A.L. to have a well-balanced diet for my mother. My mother refuses to eat her vegetables or leave her room. She has dysphasia and aphasia since her stroke and is embarrassed by how her words come out jumbled. She does not always feel comfortable in eating with others. When I visit her I bring her Prune juice, plums, graham crackers, Metamusil wafers, bananas anf Vitamin water. She is taking Colace twice a day and has been doing so for the last year. Her medications: Aricept, Vitamin D, Wellbutrin, Synthroid, Diovan, Centrum, Enablex, Colace, baby aspirin. I am planning to call her Dr. today. I try to get mom to take walks with me with her walker but she claims she is too tired and just wants to stay in her room. But, she seems fine when we go for outings to the Beauty shop or for home visits. I pray for her and try to encourage her and get her involved with various activities at the A.L. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for allowing us to vent on this site. I have greatly appreciated this site and have learned so much, and hopefully have been encouraging others.

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Add Mango juice, powdered flaxseed, pears and pineapples and other juices to the diet. Remove anything white in color, flour, sugar, cottage cheese, etc.
Switch from potatoes to sweet potatoes, milk to Soymilk, instant oats to rolled oats. No Corn, broccoli or cauliflower as these causes gas hence pain. As we get older are bodies can not digest certain food.
A basic seniors diet
•Frozen Berries
•Low Sodium Jarred Tomato Sauces
•Plain Rolled Oatmeal (season it on your own with cinnamon, stevia, and fresh fruit)
•Whole Grain Pasta
•Whole Grain Bread
•Brown Rice
•Sweet Potatoes
•Chicken Legs
•Lean Cuts of Ground Beef/Turkey (ideally with a 93/7 lean-to-fat ratio)
•Black Beans
•Milk ( Soy, or other alternative)
•Yogurt (plain or low sugar)
•Olive Oil
•Powdered Flaxseed



Ease up on the Colace. I used it after surgery for a while and it worked; then it started doing the opposite. Also, review the side effects of all other medications she's taking. I would, however, enforce a meal schedule that includes greens, veggies, and citrus fruits like Mandarin oranges.

Her system is out of whack and I don't think another chemical is going to do much; especially when there are plenty of natural remedies to help her body regain balance.

-- ED

Search "power pudding" on the web. Maybe you can get your mom to agree to try one. The trick is to keep her taking something on a regular basis, rather than deal with a crisis. These are cheap and reasonable.

Hopeful: everyone has been through this with their parents. It really can be uncomfortable and unhealthy. Here is another thread from our forum that might help:

good luck

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