Will she have to pay employment taxes for the CNA? I (the daughter) have power of attorney so I guess this would be my responsibility?

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If she is in rehab it is their responsibility to take care of her, you might want to call the insurance company and find out what they are paying daily for her care I am sure it is agoodly amount and they should be able to have the care she needs even if it is one-on -one at times and they peobably have volenteers working their ann also most nursing homes have a place where they put the pts. when they are most active near their nurses station and if they are not able to care for her there are nursing homes that will be glad to have her-do not let them put the burden on you a nursing home should be able to accomadate the pts. they have if you want to go in for a time each day that is up to ypu but should not be demanded by the facility- I have been around nursing homes a lot in the last few years with my husband and many times he was paired up with a roomate that he had to care for him because the facility did not answer the roomates call bell and my husband had to call me at home to call the nurses station- I had to report things to the Board of Health many times and those things were noted and when inspection came up again they were required to have addressed the problems-so one voice will be heard- the bill for the each bed filled is a great amount believe me.

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