My mother has advanced PD. She falls alot.


I am 31 years old. My grandfather had Parkinson’s disease. He died. My mom came down with it at age 51. I was 10 years old. She doesn’t shake like my grandfather did but she shuffles and now trips and falls. She is very resistant to using a wheelchair but she does have a walker. She also has narcolepsy that she has had since college. Her father also had that disease too. She recently fell and broke her femur.



We do plan on keeping her mobile until perhaps her age slows her down and she retires to a wheelchair. it seems like the only thing to do for her. i don't think the falling is related to narcolepsy. Parkinson's seemed to counteract it with how it affected her nerves. She is expected to fully recover from the brake and be able to walk again. She has also fallen and gotten external hematoma a couple times. My grandmother died from an internal hematoma. Thank you for commenting. I just wanted to introduce myself to you.

My dad has PD (14 years now) and falls regularly. He has a Rollator walker, but he won't stand upright when using it. He pushes it waaaay out in front of him, squeezes the brakes, and then walks up to it - he fell just the other day using this method when it rolled too far away from him. We're looking into the Ustep walker specifically for those with PD. You have to squeeze the brake release to move instead of the other way around. That way when he gets stuck it can't just roll away from him.

My husband had LBD, which is related to PD. He fell A LOT. Even with his walker he simply collapsed and the walker fell with him.

One day I described in detail what a fall looked like to his neuro doc. The doc said, ah ha! That sounds like a narcoleptic episode. He consulted a sleep psychiatrist and they concluded it was worth trying the drug that is most often used for excessive daytime sleepiness for people with narcolepsy. He had to write a letter to justify it to the insurance company! This was our second miracle pill. My husband stopped falling! This would not help with loss of balance or general weakness or blood pressure drops -- it helped for this specific problem.

The doctor said it was as if his legs (and perhaps his whole body) fell asleep while he was walking. His brain didn't -- he was still conscious but he had limited control over his body.

Is your mother expected to recover fully and be able to walk again?

Since PD and LBD are related, and since Mom has officially the diagnosis of narcolepsy, I suggest bringing this up with her neuro doc. Is there anything for her narcolepsy that might help with the falling?

What is your question? IF she now has a broken femur--I imagine she is probably bed bound until that heals.

And yes, staying mobile as long as you can with PD makes caregiving easier and is better for the patient, all around.

If you have a ?? come back and ask it.

I'm so sorry -- So, you're mom is 20 years into this ugly disease. I would suggest keeping her mobile, rather than using a wheelchair (as long as it's safe), as long as possible. Mobility will go almost completely if she doesn't try to remain somewhat active and upright.