Mom has Alzheimer, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Bi Polar (and has ALWAYS been very high-strung and independent). I contracted Shingles 1 month ago (and can't think of a single person or thing I've EVER disliked enough to wish this on!), and due to them was unable to perform my regular duties of being her 24-hour "beck and call girl". This past Tuesday, she "flipped out", and ended up calling the police on me (all of the gory details left out), stating that I had beat her and stolen all of her money (she had called someone to have them take her to the bank a week prior where she closed out her money market account -that was in both of our names- and opened another account in her own name). The only thing I can figure is that she must have gotten her bank statement, and when she didn't see her mmkt account there, thought it was stolen (why she blamed me? maybe because I pay all of her bills???? I don't know).
She was baker - acted because the police man said for me to call the Mobile Crisis Health Care Unit, and they would come and assess her. I did.
In the meantime, she likes to call 911 alot, when she's feeling lonely and wants company that is easier to manipulate than I am. She was taken to the hospital because they found her on the floor at the bottom of her stairs. (She is NOT above laying on the floor claiming she has fallen, so that they HAVE to take her-"I like it there, and they are all so nice)! She supposedly stayed at the ER from 10:30 am until 10:15pm (when she was physically moved to the psych ward upon being baker-acted).
They called me to sign papers as a "health care something" that would allow me to make medical decisions on her behalf (while there). They also had me sign some paper that said I would be responsible for the bills that Medicare and her other insurances didn't pay (huh?).
The case worker told me that she would not be released until I assumed guardianship over her (in which case she could come home, and they would take her medicare check in it's entirety, and seize all of the money in her bank accounts, but would use that to pay for 8 hours of home health care per day)-this would enable her to keep her house and car, but I would be responsible for paying for or providing the other 16 hours of care (because she COULD NOT be left alone).
OR...The state would appoint a guardian for her, seize ALL of her assets (including home and car), and she would go to a home.
I don't understand what my rights are. What are her rights? What are our REAL options? If they take her medicare check (her ONLY source of income) how does she pay for groceries, utilities, and her Credit Card bills?
If they make me legal guardian, and I CAN NOT take care of her the other 16 hours a day, NOR can I afford to PAY someone else to do it, and selling her house in this economy would be GIVING it away (plus she would still have to go to a home for care)....what am I supposed to do?
ANY advice would be MOST appreciated....I have to make a decision this week.

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DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING ABOUT BEING HER LEGAL GUARDIAN UNTIL YOU SPEAK WITH 1. your local area agency on aging or 2. AN ATTORNEY. DO NOT TAKE HER HOME with your or to her home. Tell them she MUST go to a nursing home. Tell them you can't be with her all day because you have to work. this is WAY to complicated a situation to explain here so GO SEE AN ATTORNEY. Trust me, the $200-300 you'll spend in an hour to get the correct information is worth it.

"They" ( assume you mean the hospital) can't just "seize" all her assets and you CANNOT be made to pay for her care - the state (medicaide) generally places liens on homes and other large valuables if they pay for care for someone like your mom but they can only legally place liens for the specific amount they've paid out. If you signed something that states you'll be responsible for paying bills that probably means only that you'll see that it's paid with HER money not yours. it also sounds like you signed a medical power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf. this is something that your MOM must also sign so if she's not in her right mind, the hospital has NO right to create one and have you sign it. Legally, it means nothing.

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