My mom is not all there and my was around for 20yrs. But she came over 2015 & she's a nurse, retired & the oldest. I lived 10min away & the


Only one that allowed to help & care for them. My sister told me that she doesn't even like these people she only knew them for 18yrs & the only reason she came was for my uncle that her too. But I told her and stressed out and I need help my boyfriend is stressing me out and making me sick my dad is making me sick. I need help I asked & told everyone I can but my sister telling my dad she was rich but he didn't care all I wanted was to make sure that me and my son was going to be able to stay in the house they gave to us I got it didn't want us to be homeless or to live in public housing. And he didn't care to listen to me that people on SSI could own property something his lawyer told him and he believed so he never put my name or my son's name on the deed so my dad has my sister if she would hold onto or put her name on my deed she said yes & right after that I told her that my dad doesn't understand but when they die she doesn't have to have that responsibility that burden just sign it over to me and my son because we can own property and I was going to work myself up to get off of SSI. That's before I got injured Catering for mom. First I fell hard on my back my two shoulders are don't know and the last time right now as helping my mom with the chair I slipped and their house & slammed hard on my tailbone. The simplest thing is stuff that I enjoy giving the dogs a bath it's so painful now. Last year in November before mom's birthday that Rich retired nurse oldest daughter call and text me telling me that my house is being sold. Everybody knows my dad is out of his mind if anger grumbling about things that he shouldn't be that's why no one cared to help cuz they didn't want to deal with him. My anxiety depression and panic attacks without a control and now she's telling me that my house is being sold the house that my mother stood up to a bully husband this daughter of hers is going to throw her in a care home which she knew that I promised my mom that I wouldn't met her or my dad do that to her. The things she said about me to me in the text is Criminal they took me to court I lost cuz I didn't have a lawyer no one took my case. Everybody knew in the family that the house belong to me & my adult mentally retarded son. I lived there for 18yrs. I couldn't appeal my boyfriend took the money that I had and he said he didn't but I got out of court papers and documents that I needed to do it but I didn't get to do it. I'm here at my dad's house he knows my mom is not in the right State of Mind to sign any documents and now he keeps repeating how much mistakes he makes how he wakes up at 4 in the morning and drinks coffee just to argue about drug dealers and drug addicts. they said it was too hard to prove that someone is crazy or out of their mind they just have to ask the neighbors. so I have one dog that is 15 years old living in a cage two dogs live freely with me and 6 cats in a cage two cats that are 17 year old I left back there at the neighbors now and now the new people is at just bought my house the Care for Animals too so they understand. my dad also told me that when my sister came and when they put my mom in a care home he just had a stroke he is not in his right State of Mind he didn't do this on his own or just his anger my sister said on his anger and pushed him to do something he never wanted to do he wouldn't have done and how my mom that has Parkinson's that goes in and out of her past life into a house that she does not recognize and people how cruel is that I was a mentally retarded adult child wants his grandma he seems to lost a piece of his mine also. It wasn't the right thing to do now I'm homeless I lost everything betrayed she slaughtered My Hope of going back to the house that me and my son could be happy. Jedi security and to be able to be who we are and not judged or put down for what they think we are to them we are nothing and stupid and pathetic and a burden to all. I told my sister that I never did love myself I always hated myself she looked at me because I never had that problem I always love myself dad house gave me more than anybody could know I learn to love myself and I never thought I would ever live any of the dreams I had because of my learning disability and now my mental issues but that home made my dreams come true. I was living it and it was possible cuz of my parents a dance studio and animal shelter I couldn't be a veterinarian but I had Animal Shelter and a big mirror in the living room so I had a dance studio and there was nothing wrong with me for what I think for who I am for how I see things for what I say and how I treat people there's nothing wrong. I always knew once they were gone we have our home we'll be ok to love ourselves for who we are. But now I hate myself I hate that I'm weak how i couldn't take on the stress & the promise to my mom, I hate me for I'm stupid no good. my sister did this & I believe it is elderly abuse. I have proof. Help



Dac, I'm glad that you or a staff member from the website added punctuation to your post. It really helps others to understand your situation. And, CONTARY TO WHAT other people say, all of us DO CARE ABOUT YOU. And it made us very frustrated that we were having difficulty understanding your post and what your situation is.

I am sorry to hear that your sister sent your Mom to a nursing home and sold your house. Not having a place to call your own can be very stressful and does affect your health. Now that you are living at your Dad's house, you and your son can be a source of love and comfort and strength to him. How old is your son?

Have you had an orthopedic doctor look at your shoulders and your tailbone to see if there is any therapy or surgery that can be done to help you feel better? You said that you have SSI, do you have Medicaid health insurance? I think that you need to have a doctor look at your shoulders and back before you volunteer at an animal shelter because I am concerned that you could re-injure your shoulders or back while lifting a dog or a cat or a carrier.

Have you thought about talking to a therapist? With everything that has happened, it is easy to feel like you "hate myself". There are therapists that have decreased rates for people who have limited income. A therapist can help you to feel more in control of your anxiety.

May the God of HOPE (Romans 15:13) and the God of COMFORT (II Corinthians 1:5) and the God of STRENGTH (Isaiah 41:10) be with you, your son, and your Dad each and every day. God Bless!

You all it was stated that there is a learning disability. So try and read through the lines.

Dac- I am very sorry for your situation. It seems so unfair the things that you have been through. But you are a strong person. It takes a strong person to go through those things and take care of a disabled son. What a loving person you are. We often make promises to those we love with every intent to keep them. But, sometimes things don't allow us to keep them. That doesn't make you a bad person. I think it is very mean that your house is being sold.
Are you able to get public housing and assistance? I know you may not want to, but at least it will be a start, so that you can rebuild your life. Ownership of a home does not make you who you are. You can rent a home and find happiness and self worth in other things. You love animals, maybe you won't be able to have so many, but maybe you can volunteer at a shelter. Pretend you own it. :)
You find joy in your son and the great job you have done raising him. But most importantly true joy that no one can ever take from you comes from loving Jesus and living for him, not ourselves.
I do hope that you know things can get better. Pray about it, asking God to lead you where he wants you. To guide you and give you the strength and courage you need to just do it.
You will be okay. I will pray for you.
Hang in there and know that you are valuable and you are very much an asset to this world.

Slow down. Take a deep breathe and recollect your thoughts. If you are just "venting" and do NOT want any suggestions, please do not use the word "HELP".

If you are needing some help with your situation, then you need to use periods, and commas, and maybe, shorten your explanation to about half of the length that it currently is.

Some people don't read posts that are as long as yours so you may not get many replies or suggestions. Please write your information and state your request for help clearly and concisely.

We understand that you are stressed out. But we cannot help you if everything you write is just a bunch of words that don't make any sense to us.

Is there a question in there somewhere? I am not being rude but like Millie I am very confused?

Unfortunately, this post is impossible to read due to having no punctuation.