My mom broke her hip in Oct 2010, had a hip replacement. The hip replacement got infected and is on IV Vancoymoycin for six weeks. She was able to walk before the infection and lived on her own before she broke her hip. ( She had a stroke in 2003 that paralyzed her right side and affected her speech.) Long story short. She has been in and out of the hospital and rehab since Oct 18 and last week she wanted to go home and I nicely explained she needed to be able to walk some before she could leave. She got mad at me called her caregiver to come pick her up and left the facility with the caregiver. The MD did not want her to leave, but he could not stop her. She is in a great deal of pain, she cannot walk and she had a seizure last night and refused to go to the hospital when 911 was called. On top of all of this, I pay her bills and am on her checking account. I had paid several bills for her on Monday before she left the hospital, she took all the money out of her account and put it in her savings account. I am not on the savings account. I had to put a stop payment on the checks. She is mad at the world. She keeps telling me I am trying to keep her in a nursing home. I am at a loss of what of what to do at this point. I have done my best to make her life comfortable and this is how I am treated. She has no other family and my siblings do not speak to me or her. I am mentally and physically exhausted. Sorry so long winded, I am at my wits end with this situation.......... What can I do to take care of her if she refuses? She cannot stay at home having seizures. These are new and she has never had them before. What can I do regarding paying her bills and her caregiver? I really do not want to be the power of attorney anymore. What do I need to do to turn this over to someone else and can I turn it over to an accountant or attorney and I want my name off of her checking account.......Any information is so much appreciated!!!!!

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