My mom is in her 80's and has had dementia now for about 5 or so years. She lives with my dad in an assisted living facility. I was able to get them a wonderful geriatric doctor who has helped so very much. However, my mom has what I think is called "Leaky Veins" where her swollen legs ooze and cause problems.

The dr. has a visiting nurse come in twice a week to redo all her bandaging and to make sure my mom has her compression stockings on. It has now come to the point that very soon after this is done, she rips off all the bandaging, and just yesterday she pulled down the tights so all the compression (like 50 rubberbands)was around her ankles which frightened me to no end as it could have cut off her circulation. I quickly removed them and put regular cotton socks on until I speak to the doctor.

What happens when someone, like my mom, has dementia and starts doing detrimental things without even realizing when or why she did it? I know if this keeps happening she could wind up in the hospital and I told her and she doesn't understand any consequences of her behavior.

Any ideas, other than to speak to the doctor?

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Hi, JSchneid444. So sorry about your Mom's confusion. It must have been frightening for you! Have you considered asking the doctor to prescribe some sedative to your Mom with sufficient strength to keep her still able to interact with you, but be mostly sedated so that she can't hurt herself? Sometimes, sad to say, that is what it comes down to. Given your description, your Mom may need to be sedated for extended periods. It is better than medical restraints. Ask the doctor to see what he thinks. Good luck with a touch situation and keep sharing. It helps to share.

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