momsrok Posted April 9, 2018

My mom found the dog treats!


I went to use the restroom and came right back to find my mom with a piece of dog jerky in her mouth. I asked her what she was doing with a dog treat in her mouth. She said she was giving it to the dog and made a show of giving it to him, then proceeded to take a bite of it. I said mom that’s a dog treat you aren’t supposed to eat it and she looked at me with a really mean look on her face and said why not, there’s nothing wrong with it! After she ate she yelled at me for making her eat it! I’m guessing I now have to start hiding things?



OldSailor Apr 17, 2018
Does anyone remember back in the 80's when the big flap about seniors eating dog food
made the news? Well it happened. And no harm was done to the seniors.
Ever since then the FDA has had a law on the books to ensure that dog food is in fact safe for human consumption. But after recent news about Chinese dog food containing dangerous additives. Just to be safe I would read the label to see where it was made.
And I have read online that Canada actually suggests that people carry dog biscuits in their vehicles during winter in case they get stranded by the weather rather than carry normal human food items. Dog biscuits require less storage space. And will discourage people from eating all of their emergency rations too soon. This is because it may take days before for rescue to reach them.
I would, however, hide spices and seasoning since overdosing on some of those could be disastrous. Think intoxication on vanilla, choking on cinnamon, etc.
By the way, my wife ate a little sausage treat that came with a sack of dry dog food with no health problems, just gagging and coughing when I told her what it was. I was actually hurt more because of laughing at her reaction.

momsrok Apr 10, 2018
My husband is fine. Thank you for asking. Mom is back in the hospital today. She started vomiting, so doctor sent her to the ER. Waiting for the doctor to come in now with a game plan. She has lost 5 pounds in five days! That can’t be normal! I hope this gets sorted out soon. Thank you again for all of your help.

OneLastStraw Apr 10, 2018
Oh momsrok I am SO sorry for your husband! No burns from the tea??
I have my fingers crossed you hear good news from the facility soon!

momsrok Apr 9, 2018
The doctor’s office called me this afternoon and said she has a pretty nasty antibiotic resistant UTI. She has been taking vancomycin, because she has had c-diff twice in the last three months, which should have kept her from getting a UTI. They are making her an appointment with the infectious disease doctor. It was a very bad afternoon. She hit my husband more times than I can count then threw freshly made hot tea in his face. I called the nearest facility to see about getting her in. I guess we shall see. I hope she gets in. I can’t take her abuse much longer

Veronica91 Apr 9, 2018
Did she enjoy it? at least it wasn't something that came out of the other end of the dog which is what my 2 yr old daughter did one day. she did not come to any harm either just morphed into a huge animal lover and Veterinarian.

polarbear Apr 9, 2018
" I said mom that’s a dog treat you aren’t supposed to eat it and she looked at me with a really mean look on her face and said why not there’s nothing wrong with it! After she ate she yelled at me for making her to eat it !"

That conjures up a image of a menacingly insane person in my mind. Seems to me it's time for her to be placed in a facility. There are too many things in your house that she could put in her mouth but shouldn't. What if she puts things in YOUR food when you're not looking?

Take other precautions as well. Remove the stove knobs, lock up all the knives, and cleaning supplies. I'm sure there are more but that's what comes to mind right now.

dogperson Apr 9, 2018
I'm afraid you're probably right. I don't expect eating a little dog jerky will do her any harm, but doubt it's a good idea to do it on a regular basis.