This is an addition to my question above.. She gave the job back to my narcissistic sister and nephew who got paid & NEVER did the job. Now my psycho narcissistic mom wants half of my last check? She keeps bugging me. She fired me for no was all my sisters lies she filled in her head. I've NEVER Been fired from a job in my life. It's embarassing. Why should I have to split my $$ ...with her ? Especially the way she treated me. I have a full time job at the hospital as a CNA. But this extra $$ I was counting on to help me move out. She's very narcissistic..personality disorder,etc. And is verbally abusive.

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NPD known no respectful boundaries when it comes to manipulation.

"Serenity is essentially balancing boundaries"

No she wants half of the check I earned from taking care of her. And this is thru a company. The check is direct deposited in my account. My narcissistic sister and nephew did the job before me but quit. So she asked me to do it. I didn't want to cause I knew it was gonna probably b short term with her mental illness. Her & my sister team up & gossip,etc. I can come home from work & I have no relationship with my so called sister becuz of her mom accuses me of saying this or that. I don't have time or participate in any of it.

As I understand, you live with your Mom and you work fulltime as a CNA at a facility (hospital or nursing home).  Did you and your Mom ever sign a "Caregiver Agreement" that states that you will get paid a certain amount for taking care of your Mom?  Or was/is it a verbal agreement?   What pay check is your Mom wanting "HALF of"--your paycheck for working as a CNA at a facility?  Why does she want that--As rent since you are supposedly "no longer taking care of her"?   How often does she "fire you" from taking care of her?  Does your Mom have Dementia or Alzheimer's?

 I don't understand the reference to your sister and nephew.

I lived with my Mom for 9 years and she often would "fire me" if I did not do what she wanted me to do when she wanted it done.  And then a couple hours later, everything was back to normal.

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