My mother is 82 and is in the 5th stage of Alzheimers. She has lived with us the past two and ahalf years ( my Dad passed away 5 years ago ) For safety reasons we moved her in with us . And its all pretty good , but is it commen for them to get stuck on a word and repeat it over and over all day long ? One day I counted 56 times she said " whatever " in one minute . It really drives us crazy . And she use to be a very clean lady , shower each day , always flushed the toilet ,now , I have to get her in the shower ( twice a week and shes not happy ) and she never flushes the toilet unless we tell her to go back and do it . She even looks at it and says she doesnt see anything wrong with it , theres nothing in there. Are these normal for this disease? Oh and her breast cancer has also returned. We decided not to do anything , she gets so upset when she has to go to the Doctors that we thought the least amount of stress the better she was . There are some days we are so done , but then we talk it over and tell ourselves we can do it for awhile longer and we do . We have no other help from family members , so going out on a date with my husband , well , its been a long , long time . I guess what I`m looking for is , is this normal and how much worse will she get , I could not handle if she were in some kind of pain . Will this disease let her show , or let us know if she is in pain ?

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there is a pill that will shrink the breast cancer . i know a lady that took thos epills and it works ! you may want to try to ck it out . cancer is very very painful and she will only get worst if its not treated ,
bless your heart for taking care of your mom ...

I suggest many of your anxieties and lack of solid information can be worked through by contacting your local Alzheimer's Association.

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