This weekend my mother became violent with me, I took her to the ER and they said there was nothing they...

Hey gang,

First I want to say thank you for being so helpful. You are my line to sanity and I really appreciate it.

It first started bright and early Saturday morning when my mother lost the coffee filters. She doesn't go to the store so there wasn't any coffee but she wanted the coffee filters. As she hides things in her room, she trashed her room throwing things around and then started yelling at myself and my daughter (who lives in the basement) that we had stolen the coffee filters. THEN, she lost her keys and said again, that we stole them not to mention the calling us both extremely bad names. She wouldn't stop. My daughter smokes so she would go outside and smoke and my mother would lock her outside and shield the door so I couldn't unlock the door and let her in.

After an entire day of the screaming and hollering, the last straw was she let me dogs out in which they ran into the street and almost got hit. Thank God I had my daughter who was able to get them. My mother ran upstairs to her room and I ran after her to ask her why she did that and what was the problem when she became violent, scratched me, and started hitting me with a broom.

My daughter became extremely frightened and called 911. The police came as well as the Ambulance. We went to the ER and after my mother acting exactly the same, I was told she needs to see a geriatric specialists. I agree with this but my mother will NOT GO. I've tried and she things doctors are stupid and beneath her and she will not go.

HELP!!! I'm looking for a place to move but it's difficult with 3 pugs.


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Was your Mom checked for a urinary tract infection [UTI] because the symptoms are so much different than what happens with a younger person.... in the elderly a UTI will cause outbursts, confusion, violence, etc.

It just seems strange that the hospital didn't admit your mother for observation.

I understand you want to move out, curious why the county Section 8 program wasn't able to help you.

I'm afraid to give up my dogs. I know I sound whinny (and trust me I know I am) but they are really all I have in a way. My daughter is getting over heroin addiction and she also has anger issues. She does finally have a job.

My brother drove her home from the ER and then ran back to his home down on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She's extremely pissed and doesn't have the capacity to be OK. Even in the ER she was acting strangely but the ER Doctor said because she did not want to be voluntarily admitted we couldn't do it. I don't know if I should call the hospital and complain. He urged that we see a Geratric physician and of course, no to that. I'm not a victim, but I'm going through a divorce, am in a 12-Step program (Thank God), and I am financially ruined from the divorce. No one will rent to me. I even tried 8-A housing and they laughed me out of the office. It's been a struggle. So there is my Woe-Is-Me story.

My dogs are all rescues and moving into another bedroom has them shaken up. I will think about it though because it's sound advice and I never thought about it before.

How did your mom get home from the ER? I'm curious, because I think what your mom needs is an inpatient psychiatric evaluation.

Look, you and your daughter need to be out of there and standing on your own feet financially. Where did you move from with 3 dogs? Can you go back thrre? Is there a pug rescue organization who can get them fostered until you get on your feet?

Your profile says your mother has Alzheimer's/Dementia. I found this article on Aging Care which has a lot of comments. Hope this will be helpful.

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