the toilet he is up every night at least 2 or3 or more a night people tell me to put notices on doors but i dont think he would be able to read themhe can answer 1 word answers but cannot have any conversation he keeps undressing and taking his quilt off his bed ihave to lock the door and hide the keys because he wonders now and again he leaves the hot taps running plays with paper and material has anyone else experiencing the same things

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There is a book: (that is quite inclusive)
The Complete Guide to Alzheimer’s Proofing Your Home, Mark L. Warner, Purdue University Press, 1998.

There are many ways to 'safeguard' the house and here are but a few suggestions to help you with your immediate problems.

Buck and Buck has special clothing that makes it MORE difficult for them to get undressed. Also 'adult diapers' will be necessary if 'secure' clothing is used.

PAINT the TOILET seat with a GLOW IN THE DARK paint so it will be visible in the bathroom. Then use 'rope lighting' down the hall TO the bathroom to light the way, or put a BEDSIDE commode in his room for him to use in the night (if he isn't wearing restrictive clothing).

Locking him in can be catastrophic too if there were an emergency situation. It would be better to hire a night time 'caregiver' that will watch over him, so you can sleep.

Get a bed alarm, that will tell the nighttime caregiver (or you) when he is out of bed. Also, get a closed circuit TV installed IN the room so you can keep an eye on him from your sleep area. of course you can also use a 'baby monitor with a tv unit' but I found the wireless cameras from to be VERY effective. Let the caregiver know about the camera in the room too.

Reduce clutter. Make the 'path to the bathroom' obvious.
Set a schedule: Take him to the bathroom on a regular basis.

AND most importantly... have him tested for a urinary tract infection. This will prompt the urgency to always needing to 'go'.

I know there are other books and website dedicated to 'dementia-proofing your house'. Do a google search for such places and then see what can apply to you. The book I listed is in my library and was VERY useful.

God Bless

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