other than no sugar, and no carbs? thats all I need now is for him to get sick too! UNEDUCATED and SCARED, I dont know how to help him.......exept the internet..............I wil try that until I find out more, thanks for your time

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Susan, my husband has diabetes also. At first, he went into denial, got angry,generally just didn't accept it. He thought he'd put the responsibility on me to take care of his nutritional needs. I said whoa buddy, you have the disease, you have to get educated. I'll help but you have to handle it. We went to a nutrition class together and later, I went to one on my own. Together, we've learned and implemented the best way he should eat. The nutrionist will tell you how to handle the carbs and sugar, they aren't forbidden. Now he listens to his doctor, takes his medication (it changes frequently) and watches his food intake. He started out heavily leaning on me but after awhile, he felt more comfortable taking responsibility for his own well being. He cheats sometimes but not very often because he doesn't like how he feels when he does. I'm proud of him for taking on the challenge and I think he's proud of himself. He knows I'm always there for support as I am there also for his heart disease, his kidney disease, his recent bout with skin cancer, his intestinal disorder and chronic arthritis.
Just take it one day at a time. Try not to nag (I had to bite my tongue a lot). Dish out a bunch of understanding and also sympathy if needed. It's not easy but you both can get it under control. It's a learned process and it takes time. Good luck!


Hello again.

First, go online and search under "managing diabetes" so you can educate yourself. Second, set up an appointment with his nutritionist. She/he will help him put together worry-free meals and adhere to treatment. All that "you can't eat this," "you shouldn't have that," "stay away from ... blah, blah, blah" will frustrate anyone. Add to that everything else that's gnawing at your relationship and peace of mind (your mom at the nursing home calling all the time, not being able to relax enough, etc.), and you have a recipe for disaster. Nagging him won't do any good, so work with him. Give him a little kiss here and there to reassure him and let him know everything's going to be alright.

-- ED

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