Shes 75 years old and stubborn as heck. I ask her all the time to go see her doctor about her cough but says the inhalers cause sores in the mouth and won't use them. Her cough really acts up when she's up and about moving. House work. Cooking. Eating. Etc. She uses cough drops to ease the cough. When she's laying down to sleep it seems to settle a bit and sometimes it doesn't. I ask her to let me go with her to her doctors but refuses to let me. Im 28 years old and I work 50 hours a week and I don't have all the time to be here and help. She fights with me when I suggest something and says "I'm 75 years old your 28, I dont need you telling me what to do." The last time the cough was bad like this she had pneumonia and only went to the doctors cause I didn't give in. I have no idea what to do cause she gets real nasty when I try to help and ask her to let me talk to her doctors.

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This is hard, Stephen. I think if I were you and I thought she had as bad a cough as when she had pneumonia, I would totally insist she go to the doctor, just as you did previously.

Is she scared to go to the doctor, maybe because she used to smoke or fear of having to think about her ailments, or something else?

It must be hard for you to hear her hacking away, without anything being done. Is there another family member or family friend or something who could help you persuade her to go to the doctor? Heck, can you bribe her -- hey, Grandma, I'll bring you your favorite dinner, I'll vacuum your car, etc., if you go to the doctor. It's worth a shot! Hope you can get something going here to get this poor lady the help she needs. 

She also isnt on oxygen but i feel like it might help but she also doesnt want it.

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