no.she loses her balance and has to hold on to things now when she walks and bathing is a big issue now she urinates on herself my question is what stage is she in she knows who we are but gets confuse alot sometimes she ask who my mother is or at 2am wakes and dont know where she is few times she wont sleep until 2am and wakes at 6am

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Your grandma now needs regular care, including use of absorbent pads and/or disposable diapers. It may be that someone (and that may at times be YOU) accompany your grandma to the bathroom and actually into the shower with her. Or start giving her sponge baths.

You may need to put up some sort of alarm over her bed to alert you when she tries to get up (could be a laser alarm or something as simple as a string with bells on it). The wandering at night is called Sundowning.

As to what stage, this is easy enough to look up on the internet. The real question is, what is actual Alzheimer's confusion and dementia, and what problems are caused by something else. If she's peeing on herself and not being kept clean, then she could in all likelihood have a urinary tract infection. That will cause almost overnight dizziness, dementia, loonytunes behavior...and with appropriate antibiotics, can clear up in a few days.

My mother has been on the following drugs that "caused dementia"...Ditropan for bladder leakage (ten years of dementia, I figure) and Zocor (caught this one early and stopped it). Two anti-pychotic/anti-anxiety drugs actually caused psychotic and anxiety insane behavior and acting out: Seroquel and Ativan. Namenda seemed to help, but she just wanted to nap, so what was the use? I have heard that blood pressure meds can cause dementia symptoms. So have your mother speak with the doctor to see what meds you can test to do without to see if it helps.

Sound like your grandma lives with you and your mother. Your grandma may actually be deteriorating, and at some point, you or someone else, or all of you TOGETHER, need to stand by your grandma and walk down the final road with her. See the end of Toy Story 3? Like that. Or have her put in a nursing home, but still, please "stand by her." You will have to dig deep to find the person still inside. You can have a lot to offer such a person. You will one day cherish the time when just through her glance you knew she was still "there."

Oh, she may NEED TO BE medicated (to calm her down) for her own protection. That's how you should view it if she's still with you. However, if she is in a nursing home, they will probably over-sedate her for their own convenience and schedule.

If you've gotten this far and don't even know the levels of Alzheimer's, you have a lot of catching up to do. The last big level of Alz has several sub levels, each of which can last up to a year.

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