Her attitude can be mean at times inconsiderate all towards me she argues she can be mean I'm blamed for things she did but don't remember her family helps but seldom do they experience what i go thru i make sure she has everything to make her life easier from adding handles battery operated wheelchair walker anything i take her to her appt. buy food i clean up when she can't make it to the bathroom 1 and 2 she complains about everything i do i feel like just getting out of this and move on its taking a toll on me the thoughts go away i hate when she gets mean I'm treated like sh#t anybody else going thru this or its just my luck. i fully understand that this took a big part of her life

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Thank you guys for the feedback from I guess there's a lot more caregivers have to go through ,I have my issues I also deal with , I hurt from having kidney stones and boy there very painful I got alot of them sometimes I can't pee it hurts bad to the point of not having sex in over 2yrs cause when im done the pain comes , if I dont finish still get pain, I stay away from hospital cause I always get male doctors and im uncomfortable when there touching my privates , if I get female then im worrying the I dontget an erection and I get embarrassed , sorry I got carried away, the point is I got problems too but im focus on her, example she told me that some important papers were left at my job and she needed them so its 1030-pm so I go anyways 35 mi. Away and I got there the papers weren't there , I come back, now she wants the mail is way back where I just came from, so here I go to get the mail, I pretty much do anything for her I bought her a car so she dont have problems then I have a Rv she said its small so I bought a 5th wheel travel trailer with pop-out she liked some scooter bought that I buy whatever she wants I go and buy a bmw she complained everything we got is paid for we owe nobody but she tells me where am I spending all the money, wtf everyday I go thru this all I say is you got a roof over your head a car to go anywhere you want theres a travel trailer you can get whenever you aint naked,or starving I put cameras so she can see outside but you ask wheres the money lol she can say some way out things if I laugh she cries im making fun of her disability omg help me lord increase my patience with this women like I say everday but its not always bad she's a good person funny but when I founder on the floor having a stroke I thought she was dead after 5-10 min.she came to, I got her up put her in the car almost ,30min it took to get her out the Rv rushed her to the hosp.they put her in a ambulance and off to a stroke centers

How old are you two? Do you have any kids?

Some strokes can affect a person's cognitive ability, so her brain may not be working right, which could explain her change in personality. Have you talked with her doctor about how the stroke has affected her? Has she gone through rehab? How much disability does she now have? Please tell us a bit more about your whole situation.

Her personality changes could also be from her anger and depression after the stroke, or they could be coming from a change in her mental capacity. You need to get some clarity about what's going on and the chance for her to improve. If she can't improve because of her brain changes, then you need to decide whether you want to or can stay in the situation. But you need more information.

Will she get counseling, if her behavior is coming from depression? If she won't then you may have to decide whether you can handle that or not.

You are in a big group of people who share their s experience. Her life did take a turn south. And, if you stay with her, I would recommend counseling for both of you. She is angry. But her having a stroke does not mean it is ok for her to be abusive.

My experience with people who have strokes and turn mean is that they lash out at whomever will take it. And that is frequently their closest loved ones. But you need to either push the relationship back to healthy levels, or consider just how much you are willing to tolerate.

Counseling, training on how to live with her disabilities, therapy, all is available. And you need it too. Caregiver needs are often overlooked. Burnout, resentment, unappreciative loved one, all starts taking its toll.

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