I have a bum aunt named Shirley (I hate to admit we're related) that my grandmother has always hated. This lady has never wanted to work, she doesn't like being told what to do. She likes to just live life FOR FREE. She has the bigger side of my grandmothers house. (3 bedrooms) My grandma bernice, my mother, & I live in the back, in a 2 bedroom house thing. Keep this in mind we’re all on the same property, but different houses. Also my mom & grandmother were always best friends, on the phone 24/7.

When I was 5-12, (now I'm 20) my grandma was always bothered for money by Shirley. My grandmother would call her names & tell her to get out of her house. This happened everyday, Shirley would also bother my mom to do things for her, like make simple phone calls. I didn’t understand why everyone hated shirley. Now I completely understand. Shirley, cannot stick up for herself, she needs people to defend her or do things for her. Shirley will scream at you for not doing what she says.

She had a husband she'd always cry to, when my mother & grandmother told her off. Now he's dead & she has no one to back her up.

So now my grandmother has Alzheimer’s, she doesn't know who my mother is, she thinks she’s multiple people.

Now that my grandmother has Alzheimer’s, Shirley sees Bernice (her mother) doesn't treat her badly anymore. But that’s because my grandma doesn’t remember that Shirleys a drug dealing loser anymore, she thinks Shirley a new person.

So now that Shirleys husband is dead, she has no one to back her up. So she brings my grandma next door with her, to brainwash my grandma AGAINST my mom & I. She’s manipulating her mother so she gets this house in her name. Shirley is scared to be the bum she is. Theres a lot more to this but please somebody send police or something, this isnt right & i have the worst anxiety. SHIRLEY NEEDS TO BE THROWN OUT IMMEDIATELY LIKE MY GRANDMOTHER WANTED IT.

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Once you have an activated POA or guardianship, you/your mother can evict your aunt or you can let her stay if she "behaves" appropriately.

If your grandmother has been diagnosed formally. If so, she is not capable of making informed decisions or change anything. I hope Mom has POA so she is handling Moms finances. If not, I recommend guardianship and you can use Gmas money to get it.

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