Some days he is happy
Other days he yells
He only knows me, his daughter
He remembers the past but not 5 seconds after
Says that he is alone but has 24 hour care in his home
24 hour care is very costly.
Perfect bloodwork and no meds.
I am so nervous that he will say insulting words to the workers and try to get out. I am a nervous wreck.
Mostly sad in my heart. It’s like leaving a 2 yr old
6E on FAST scale.
It feels so wrong.
I pray GOD help me know what to do.

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He wont say anything to the workers they haven't heard beforr.

You know what to do; you’re just afraid to do it. Which is totally understandable and it’s tough when we have to make decisions like this.

For now, just focus on getting him placed. Don’t think about the “what if’s” yet! Take it one step at a time. He might adjust better or sooner than you think! And the staff are used to people saying unkind things or odd behaviors; they know the person is not in their right mind.

You’ve reached the point of no good answers and having to pick the best option left. And God has helped you know this needed next step to give your dad the care he requires. Of course it’s sad. But you’re doing your best, and your dad is blessed to have you in his corner. I hope you’ll both have peace

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