My Dad is 77 years old. He is so sleepy that he cannot stay awake for very long. Until about 2 weeks ago he was very active,fishing, mowing


he cannot understand it. Doctors say his vitals are normal and ignore it. My Dad is very frustrated. Can you give some reasons? Maybe vitamin or mineral defency?

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It is interesting to me all the suggestions to see your doctor. Medical doctors and prescriptions drugs are the third cause of death in the US according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. Also we are in 43rd place for longevity rate in the US compared to other countries according to the CIA World Factbook 2016. Research it out for yourself with help perhaps from a non-drugging natural doctor. This makes the most sense to me.

Likely causes: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Sepsis, Stroke, Clogged Carotid Arteries, Brain Tumor. Get him to a doctor ASAP and start ruling out the worst first.

(Sorry for typos... I am on an iphone typing like fury with one thumb!)
PS: my was hospitalised because her initial infection turned to severe sepsis - all because GP missed her UTI!!

Oh my gosh, we have been through the mill on this and are not yet out of the woods... but here is my pennies worth:
85 yr old mum 'suddenly' asleep more and more.
GP took bloods over 2 concurrent weeks.
High CRP levels (liver enzyme, indicates body is fighting an infection)
High ALP levels (Another liver enzyme.. All point to infection)
I discussed this with her GP (the least curioys innefective GP on this planet)
I said I thought she needed putting back on Anti biotics asap as clearly had infection.
He replied that he did not know what the problem was and has referred her to an 'Elderly Care Specialist' - (which could take weeks/mths to materialuse in UK!)
I reiterated my thoughts that she urgently needed anti Bs.
He said if she stopped eating and drinking then to call ambulance, otherwise wait for specialist appt.
Next day she got a chest infection on top of whatever was already wrong.
Dad refused to call out of hours doctor (we had a row about it. I gave in to him.
I wish to god I'd ignored him and put the call in, because the next day she collapsed and ambulance took her in.

Turns out a plethera of issues, still getting to bottom of it, but:
She had a severe UTI (GP missed!)
Her chest infection turned rapidly to pneumonia
She was dehydrated from too much sleep, not enough fluids.
IV antibiotics cleared the infections
IV fluids sorted the initial dehydration.
She seemed to perk up a bit after a week, but tbis week has declined again, if anything is worse.

Consultant is checking her heart via an Echo, as he suspects it may be the underlying cause of the sleeping. May be heart failure (thinks heart is not pumping blood hard enough)
Also running liver and abdominsl scans to rule out issues there (her ALP and ALT levels indicate liver is stressed, but may be from dealing with all the crud in her blood from infections, and metabolising the antibiotics)

So, ling story short...
1. Check you aren't dehydrated(pinch your skin on the back of your hand, if it stays up then you may be dehydrated, but blood test for sodium levels would twll you)
2. Thyroid - easy to test for hypothyroidism.
(I was initially convinced this was the issue, perfect match of symptoms!)
3.Diabetes - Anotber easy test..urine sample!
4. UTI (Urinary tract infection) - blood tests and urine test)
5.Congestive Heart Failure - Echo cardiogram to check how the heart is performing... is the ventricle efectively pumping blood for you?

If your doctor is not taking this seriously, get a second opinion. I wish to god I had.
Sadly we may be past helping my mum now. Her consultant is not optimistic. Her poor body is exhausted from fighting the infection that I will never forgive her GP for missing/ignoring. He didn't even come to see her! This was all over the phone ( District Nurses totally missed it too whilst visiting twice a week to re-dress her cellulitis!)
Totally let down by her community care.
If this was the US I'd sue them all!
Shameful piece of malpractice.

Check his thyroid...too low will not be good. The older they get the less they produce. Is he getting cold too?

I would agree... urinary tract infection... Also have them check sodium level. My Mom's doctor had her on a water pill but never checked her chemicals and suddenly within a week she started showing most the signs of coma. Took her to the ER and they said most people with sodium as low as hers would have been in a coma.

Lorraine1590, since your question was back in 2009, can you give us an update as to what were the results?

Lorraine, I know it was a while ago now, but what was wrong in the end? Was it dehydration/ hypothyroid/fit deficiency etc? Having the same issue with my mum right now... she literally cannot stay awake, falls asleep on the loo and takes my 89 year old father an hour to rouse her and get up up, only for her to crash out again as soon as she gets in her chair.
I'm taking rehydration stuff over today, and Fortisip meal replacements. I too am disgusted with the docs lack of urgency or interest (family GP of 40 years! No spring chicken himself), but my dad is that old school who 'don't like to bother' the doctors (plus is scared she'll be taken off him and put in a home, so I think he pretends he is coping to the doctor... I have phone appt with his doc next week!!)

Did your dad get over this? Be good to know what was the cause.

This patient needs a full evaluation. He could have CHF, or Ischemic Cardiomyopathy or both. Seventy-seven is a little young, but not TOO young.

this happened to my 87 year old father. Two things followed... a urinary tract infection and potassium deficiency. see if you can get your dad's current doctor to test him for this. it doesn't cost much and if you can catch eitger early it willsave a lot of trouble. good luck.

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