My brother who lives next door to my parents called my daddy. Dad called me to help him with my mom and fail not my brother but he is taking my dad away.

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APS will be interested in your father's welfare. They probably don't have any way of helping you.

Your father has dementia. He and your mother were in difficulties over a year ago, and you say your father asked you to move onto their property so that you could help take care of your mother.

I wonder: was that his idea, or yours? But never mind, because it doesn't make any difference now.

Your brother and his wife, and your RN aunt, clearly don't agree that you are now able to take care of your father. They have removed him from his home to your aunt's house, and they are also clearly quite keen on getting you off his property too.

APS will get involved if they think there is any risk to your father's wellbeing. I can't see, though, that they are going to agree with you that returning your father to his home, with you as his primary caregiver, is the best plan. So where does that leave you?

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After after a year no help my brother my mother passed away on a Friday by Monday my brother had durable power of attorney for my dad we never received any flowers for my mom's funeral because they gave him all to his wife mother after that he locked me out of the house with no warning to get no food bathroom kitchen Danny tried to kick me out of my house or charge me rent and give me all these crazy rules I'm and I cannot use the yard and then he called Protection Services on me saying that I was using my dad for his food and his utilities my dad did not want to go live with my brother so my brother got with my aunt and they took him to her house and I would make him sick and I was dangerous to be around him and he was been sick ever since my Aunt took him I can talk to on the p but I can't seehim they keep cutting off electric sell my riding lawn mower after he called the police saying that it wasn't mine and they refuse to let me take it and then sent me a note saying I finally made my dad money instead of costing me cuz he sold my lawn mower for $50 it just come on

After a year of helping dad who has deminsia mom passed away on fri by min bro had dpoa sighned by my dad Tues giving things away by Thursday had mom van removed so I couldnt drive it not even for dad had took a bunch of moms stuff never asking if I wanted anything he then locked me out of the house coulsnt use kitchen or bathroom nor get food without any notice called choctaw apps try to kick me out keeps undoing my electrric tried charge me rent cannot use yard sold my lawn mower after calling pplice saying it wasn't mine then said i finally made dad money instead of costing him his wife uses my moms van keeps it at her work then my aunt an RN nurse and brother got to gether took dad to aunts said i was a danger. I would make him sick ive talked on phone but no visits. It goes on

CM, please read previous post.

Nonexistant, I think you need help we may not be able to provide. Call your Adult Protection Services and see if there are resources out there for you.

Nonexistant, I'm sorry but I can't understand from your post what has happened.

At your father's request over a year ago, you moved to your parents' property and made yourself somewhere to live in a building on the property, close by the house.

You have been looking after your mother since then. What are her care needs?

Your brother lives next door to your parents, but has not been involved in your mother's care.

Your brother is - taking your dad away? I don't understand what you mean. Do you mean literally, that your brother has moved or is planning to move your father out of his home? Or emotionally, that your brother maintains his relationship with your father but ignores the rest of the situation?

If you can say a little more about what is happening I hope you'll receive lots of supportive and helpful replies.

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