My children owe me!


When has parenthood become a business deal? When did birth become a contractual obligation for future care of the parent? When did a parent's role become defined as a requirement of life with suffering and sacrifice so their senior years can be living in the lap of luxury while their adult children return the favor? Twice I have been confronted with this attitude on this site from comments by others. People here, need support, not ignorant comments about their obligations!!!!!

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vw9729, very well stated!!
One of my mantras is judge not, lest you be judged. If you have an opinion state it as such. Judgement on this site is NOT welcome nor wanted. If you've had a parent who gives you the warm fuzzies, consider yourself fortunate. If you do not, as Debralee, wv9729 and myself then don't pass your pompous judgement on us. Parents are NOT owed anything just for being a parent. I would flip if my kids felt like that. I know they don't because I raised them to respect me, not owe me.

I don't believe that it has become a "business deal". I think it just goes by what an adult child feels is best for their adult parent. But not all adult children feel this way obviously which is why we hear about one sibling doing all the work while the other sibling(s) doing nothing. Medical technology is allowing seniors to live longer and our society makes us feel obligated to them because who else will take care of them? The government? If we don't do it, the seniors will be taken advantage of or physically hurt, etc. But I totally agree that people here need support - not comments about their obligations. I believe it's a choice for everyone - and not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver - as it is not an easy task by any means. Nor is the person needing caregiving fit to be cared for at home sometimes. But I do know what you mean about some stupid comments on here about it being a contractual obligation to birth. Obviously these individuals aren't dealing with a pessimistic, narccistic and/or Dementia parent and their caregiving duties have not been overwhelming. But not everyone is so lucky. Some of us live in dysfunctional families and have a hard enough time without someone placing "judgment" on us for it. So I too wish these people would refrain from their comments. ((Hugs))