I've done some investigating. My brother has paid all of his bills off and his HOUSE!? In 2003 he had a 30 year mortgage??? He said he won't show me anything until my son and I sell the trailer where my son and I were taking care of both my parents until mother died in May...he won't show me her will, nothing he says he has a lawyer he won't tell me who he is, what do I do???

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Please note, this post was July and OP has not returned.

My brother tried to evict us the day after our mom"s funeral. Call the police. You have a right to see the will if you are a beneficiary. Fof all you know you may OWN the house
...... yhat is what happened to me!

If I remember correctly he has to show you the will and maybe the POAs (if any).
He does have the right to not tell you who his lawyer is.
If this was me I would call the police and tell them I am at xx address and my brother has taken over my mom's house, however, I have asked him that I want to see the will. If police don't do anything call again.
You as a family member of the decease you have the right to see the will.
Your brother might not realize that anything of value has to go through Probate. You could go to the courthouse to see if probate has been filed.
Your brother could be with face with criminal charges for spending a large sum of money that needed to go through probate. One last thing, you could get a lawyer or go to the D.A office in your city and expain the situation to them.
I have seen where one sibling thinks that can take whatever they want after parents pass on not realizing there is a process to go through.

I think he wouldn't show it to you because he doesn't like what it states! I would do anything in my power to get someone to help me. He does not have the right to keep what belongs to you!

Good Luck!

maybe try calling the aging and adult services in your area. tell them you think your brother is hiding your father. maybe they can give you advice.
you can also tell them you suspect stealing funds, if thats what you think. as long as you have some proof.

how did he remove your dad from the trailer where you were all living?

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