My brother has POA over my dad, he says, but he won't show me the POA and he won't tell me where my dad is. What do I do?


I've done some investigating. My brother has paid all of his bills off and his HOUSE!? In 2003 he had a 30 year mortgage??? He said he won't show me anything until my son and I sell the trailer where my son and I were taking care of both my parents until mother died in May...he won't show me her will, nothing he says he has a lawyer he won't tell me who he is, what do I do???

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maybe try calling the aging and adult services in your area. tell them you think your brother is hiding your father. maybe they can give you advice.
you can also tell them you suspect stealing funds, if thats what you think. as long as you have some proof.

how did he remove your dad from the trailer where you were all living?