he still can't see well,walks with a cane,and has an uncontrollable rage, he lives with his 30 year old daughter. He will swear and call her every profanity he can. He hits the wall, stands next to her face screaming , bangs dents in the car with his cane, he is getting worse, he also goes to kidney dialysis at the dialysis, he argues with them that they do not know what they are doing,says that he knows more than the Dr.s. My niece has a 4 year old son and has to listen to all of the name calling, horrible rages, screaming that he is going to hit the "god damn "f'ing"bitch My niece is also 7 months pregnant . Just last week in a moment of lucidity he and I were talking and he admitted that he can't control how he feels and some times he would like to kill some one and does not know why he feels like this. He was a police officer and has not had much respect for any one . He also will not take the medicine that his Dr. has prescribed to help with the anger .He says everyone is crazy !

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