Please can you advise and help me. My mum is in the UK in Residential care and has dementia and schizophrenia ...she is on her own one one goes and sees her and i would like to take over her care out here with me in spain, I know it would be hard work and am trying to find out how to go about it ...IE can I take her out ,would I get any help to care for her as I'm only a carer/cleaner myself...and would need help to look after her as I could not do it 24/7 as I would end up hating her and I never what that to happen but I feel I can give my mum a better life with me and the care she needs...but I really don't know were to start. I do know its a lot to take on but she is my mum and i really don't like were she is .. I hope you can take the time to help me please.

yours sincerely

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First I want to congratulate you on your decision so important.

In my humble opinion, if your mother is mentally competent, despite schizophrenia, she can decide where to be.

If she and you want to come to Spain and stay together, that will be the best option for her.

You should start now to ask social services and Spanish health of your town, for basic documentation requirements, get help take care of her. This is not necessary if you can pay extra helped with your own money.

So, you will have provided the extra help care for her start when she gets here. To find out what you need extra help, you must first know what exactly your mother needs.

When she has a medical team assigned here in Spain, and you contact your future caregiver, you can make a better plan for her care, where you'll include the tips care of her, your work hours, and time-off for both.

Reaching an agreement with the General Management of British residence where she is now. To gather all hers medical records and present them to the Spanish health authorities.

I wish you much success.
Fernando Mancebo

thats why im trying to find out what help i can get I with her here as i can get help with her ...she not a nasty schizophrenia she just some time hears people talking to her and her meds keep it in check ...mum has been like that all my life i was her carer from the age of 6 until 30 ....she not beening look after now and i know i can do a better job ...I know i will need help ...for sure ..but i just cant sit buy any more with out trying to do some thing she was a great and loving mother and i want to help her now ....

You can't take care of this woman by yourself. She needs round the clock specialized care. If she just had schizophrenia, maybe or dementia maybe, not both, no way no how. Can you get a job back in the UK, close to your Mom? That way you can ensure she receives great care.

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