Back during the month of Sept '14, I posted several questions regarding issues from insurance to dementia, uti's, low blood pressure seizures. So many of you were kind enough to answer, and those answers helped me. Unfortunately, my dear mum died.... just when we found someone who realized she was likely suffering from some form of heart problem...
I was with her holding her hand until the end, I actually woke up 8 minutes before she died.

Anyhow, I have been watching posts here, and often want to comment, but I am afraid that I will just get myself annoyed because I can't help but wonder if there was something I could have done...

Again, thank you all!!

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Chess, if you want to comment, just do it. We can all learn from others experiences, no question! You have gone through helping your Mom pass, most of us have that task yet ahead of us. And care that you provided helped you learn some valuable lessons; what good are those lessons if not shared?

My sincere condolences on the passing of your mom.

chess, there can be so many things that are not well in our elders. It can be easy to not notice one of them. I doubt that you were at fault and if it might have changed the outcome if you knew. It sounds like your mother had several problems and is at peace now. I am glad you were there with her when she died. She was probably waiting for you to hold her hand as she crossed.

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