Hi mum had to go to Geriatricain on her own today as im not well and couldnt go with her. Fair play she went as i rang to check.

He was good enough to call me back and said the results of the MRI are showing vascular deterioration?? I asked about dementia he said there will be signs but memory ok? I get the impression they are not commiting to dementia yet? Oh I dont know anymore? when I google this i get DEMENTIA either way her brain is deteriorting? so frustrating I will now try and speak to her doc the geriatricain has said hes given her meds for memory and confusion so i will know what these are later.
I am sad but relieved that i was right all along shes at the early stages of vascular dementia due to her uncontrolled diabetes.
Can anyone relate to this? Do they just say dementia until her memory goes??

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thanks JB just checked and hes starting her with 5mg phew! am a nervous wreck now as to what side effects this will cause her? Ive heard that some have hallucinations?
funny the more im on this site the more I wonder about docs i get more info and peace of mind here then her own doc( this is her own med doc her geriatrician was very helpful) her doc said depression I said dementia that was 2yrs ago? Glad i persevered with this as sad and frightening as it is and will be we now know whats wrong and can deal with it.
I am numb for now but the reality will start to sink in later and I guess you start the grieving process.
My mum is exactly that she seems to be in a fog not alert just sleeps alot going off food?
Thanks for your help vascular dementia seems to be slightly harder as they can be so normal for days then POW! I think ALS is easier to diagnose as memory goes first.
My mum can remember everything I guess when that starts to go the reality of this will be more obvious.
this is breaking my heart my mum has been through so much her whole life this dosnt seem fair I was always so cocky as I was confinced shed NEVER get this that shed die peacefully in her sleep. How wrong we can be! HUGS dementia and diabetes is so dangerous im living on eggshells all the time.

kazzaa, your mother sounds much like mine. Mine prefers to sit all day in her pajamas, dressing only to go out. She has a lot of accidents, making things hard to keep clean. She won't wear protective undergarments, so her pjs serve as diapers. It was very hard to take charge of my mother's medicines. She fought me tooth and nail for two years. It was a mess, because she would take too much of one thing and forget another. It caused so many problems. People would tell me that I needed to take charge of the medications, but I was unable to do it until a crisis happened. Her old doctor prescribed Aricept in too high a dose and my mother double dosed on that. She got very ill and psychotic. I wouldn't have known what was wrong, but I had gotten into a habit of counting pills. I saw quickly what she had done and called the doctor. He said to stop the Aricept.

It took her about a week to recover. She came down with a bladder infection, which complicated it further. The positive thing that came out of it is she realized she could no longer handle her medicines. She let me have partial control of them.

What I do to give her a feeling of independence is that I get the pills that she will be taking at a certain time, then put them in a pill bottle on the mantel. That way she can go get her pills and take them. I don't have to hand them to her, so it is a bit less bossy feeling to her. With her insulin, I'll just ask her if she got her shot. Of course, I will already know the answer, but it makes her feel more in control then if I tell her to take it.

My mother seems to be in more rapid decline now. Her schedule is disappearing and she seems to be walking, doing things, in a fog. Little things have a huge impact. She used to watch "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" every day at lunchtime. They took it off and she lost orientation. If TV networks only knew what devastation changes can cause! (But of course, I know they have to change.)

BTW, make sure the doctor prescribed only 5 mg Aricept. My mother's doc goofed and started her at 10 mg -- much too strong. They need to start at 5 mg and get used to it before going to 10. I hope it helps your mother (and you!)

Thanks JB im just not happy and think that until they see significant memory loss they will not commit.
My mum told me what he said as i was wondering if shes tell me the truth? she dosnt know he rang me.
Her demeanor is calm and not that bothered that her brain is declining which is even more eveident that shes in la la land! Nothing is registering with her this is either DENIAL or she just dosnt register?
He said her lifestyle has to cahnge???? are you kidding me she will NEVER eat right or go for a walk which can only slow down the process ive read that many vascular dementia sufferers do not go through the end stages as they usually die from heart attack OR stroke. My mum has diabetes,high blood pressure and high cholestrol so shes a good candidate for stroke.

How do you cope with your mum and her diabetes do you supervise her meds? she gets angry when I try and take control? I need to insist on this now. I dot know how far your mum is but my mum seems ok some days BUT her hygiene is terrible she pees on floor dosnt wash much GOD if you saw her going to docs today she looked like a movie star and washed?yet her norm is smelly pjs and no teeth?
she thinks nothing to leave front door open if im not here to let carer in?

Doc has prescribed aricept and another that i cant read mortin?? will get perscrition tomorrow.

Last xmas I went to see a pyschic she told me mum had dementia I told her no its depression she was adamant and look how right she was. Thankgod for her and this site im sure now but like you say WHY are docs so coy about saying outright dementia??????

Crazy making. I think that the family knows before anyone else if there is dementia, so if you know there is, it is the answer that you need. I just googled "vascular deterioration brain" and all the first links were to vascular dementia. Of course, I realize that the symptoms of deterioration depends on where it is happening. But if you see the memory loss and confusion, I suspect there is vascular dementia going on.

My mother is also diabetic and tends to have high cholesterol. I read a bit about vascular dementia as opposed to Alzheimer's, and saw she had symptoms of both. Vascular dementia would explain the obsessive behaviors that drive me crazy.

I do not know why doctors avoid diagnosing dementia. My mother's old doctor did not diagnose it at all. I know she has been having trouble with her mind for years. Her new doctor did diagnose it somewhat, but called it significant memory loss, instead of dementia. There must be a reason that doctors are reluctant to use the D word.

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