Mom seems to be getting worse. She sees a lot of activity in her apartment with getting ready to move. She did this last year the end of August into the beginning of September. Moving her to a memory care unit will be the best thing for her and for us. We wouldn't be able to give her the best care that she needs. This place has activities that can keep her busy and hopefully help her get a good night's sleep. Glad that we can afford to be able to do this. She is 88 and not getting any younger...

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No, just wanted to say something.

Congratulations!  We found a good MC unit also, and she was happy to have the company and attention.  I got to visit often.  We were lucky too to be able to pay for the first year, though she didn't last that long.  Now you can rest at home and enjoy her.

Judy79, you are doing the right thing as there does come a time when it takes a village to care for a love one.

My Dad, who was 94 when he moved to Independent Living, then later he moved to Assisted Living/Memory Care. He really enjoyed living there, especially the meals :) Dad wasn't a social animal, he rather stay in his room to read or watch local 24-hour news. He would go to physical therapy as he liked that. Just don't get in his way when noon or 5pm approaches, time to head to the dining room !!

It will take your Mom a bit of time to adjust to her new surroundings. There will be new noises, new smells, all new faces. Just take it one day at a time. Usually the Staff will place your Mom at a dining table with other women that have the same background or interest. That helps to break the ice.

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