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"My father has several disabilities. He can't move around with the same freedom that he used to. But what he still has is his movies. He still has family who used to watch those same movies with him. Perhaps it is the memories associated with those movies that matter even more than the movies themselves. I know that the films I enjoy mean more to me because I watched them with my father in my younger years."

Do certain movies bond you together with someone who is disabled?

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Arts are very powerful. Music and Movies for sure. I've been watching the Glen Miller Story with Mom, it's new to her every time she sees it. I grew up with her love of music from Bill Haley to Glen Miller and it's very often when I put that music on she is able to relax and smile :)

Definitely. I'll always remember Mom and I going to see Thelma and Louise together. We had a nice dinner out, went to the movie and then had a nice evening walk home. Whenever that movie comes on it reminds me of that.

I really miss those days :(

My parents have always enjoyed watching "Smokey and the Bandit", it was a yearly thing we watched for about 30 years.

Unfortunately we haven't watched that movie in the past couple of years, my parents [who are in their mid-90's] can no longer stay awake for even 20 minutes of the movie... plus my Mom now has difficulty in seeing and hearing.

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