I just finished moving my mom and sister up here with me under great stress and good advice from all of you to just leave things alone. My sister's son is still in my mother's house and gave him two weeks to leave and having the realtor change the locks in two weeks. My sister well still acting as horses A__ and my mom well first day up here in a ranch house I found them to rent basically in my backyard, Less than a football field away has already fallen at the house but didn't get hurt because she wasn't using her walker. A lot of her things didn't make it up here, and a friend is going over to get the rest of the items out of the family home some of my dad's personal things that my sister thought her son could have and not me of my deceased father after I was just there the week before and went into our family home that looked as a tornado had gone through every room, and my mom and sister stated they just didn't know where to start. My daughter and I packed for three days and came home. The movers got there and when they arrived in Ga advised me; they were instructed to leave certain items in the house. I immediately called my nephew and told him that they would be back to pick up; my sister was not happy. This move has already cost me close to 7900.00 dollars now and additional 2000 for my sisters stupidly.
I have registered my mom in some classes to gain her strength and have a doctor appoint for her and my sister who is an insulin diabetes with a 570 reading which I can't explain why she is not in a coma... My mother dog passed away the day they left. Hopefully, we can all get along and get on the right track here. I just hope her house sells now so I can recoup in order to get their finances straight and control that in order to help my mom. I will keep you posted, I feel that my mom has just been verbally abused and hope even thou she told me that I was basically neglected as a child since my sister was always sick, and she would have my grandpa take me every day while my dad worked. However, you know those were some of my best memories I had fun with my grandfather who own one of those silver diners, and I would help fill the salt and pepper shakers in all the stations I got too many things there and he always made me anything I wanted to eat. Best thing I remember was I got 25 cents too in the morning which was 5 nickels to put into the music machines on the booths and could play any music I wanted to, and we would dance around. My mom didn't like my grandpa because she said he didn't take care of my dad, but you see my dad mom died when he was born, and my grandpa couldn't take care of my dad back in the 20s. So he lived with his grandpa and grandma and aunt and uncle. If she thought, this was punishment for either one of us she was wrong, because my grandpa loved me, and he always said he could never make it up to my dad, but he could do his best to take care of me and love me as his own. My mom always said your grandfather never treated my sister and me the same well I know why. My mom is the problem. She really did me a favor. I still don't think she gets it. My dad always took me with him too; I am the youngest. My sister had croup all the time. Both my dad and grandpa made me what I am today independent and successful. You know it really hurt me to hear my mom tell my friends this story this week that basically she had neglected me because she couldn't take care of both of us (my sister and me) but when I look back I see that my sister really lost out...When I opened my dad wooden work tool box, he was a lithographer it had all these pictures of me in it and one of my sister. With notes that I wrote my dad, he had kept everything I have no idea why my mom had never shown me this before my dad had passed 18 years ago. Too bad my mom missed out on all those memories, but she did I guess what she had to do, she never really ever spent anytime with me unless it was to drive me to a school event and complained about it. However, now she needs my help. Funny how things work out and my sister can't help her; she just made things worst for her and used all her money. Oh well, surviving in Ga we will see how it goes. Thanks to all for your support. I do know that my dad and grandpa loved me more than anyone else in the entire world. My dad would always say... You know how your mother is.....

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coco, you have to be exhausted by all of this. I hope that it all works out well. It sounds like everyone could use a little peace.

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